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The Universal Mind Connection and the Kybalion : Master Key Mastermind Alliance

” We are all connected to each other , biologically to the earth , chemically, to the rest of the universe, atomically .There are 12 spiritual laws of the Universe : The first law is The law of Oneness : This is the foundational law which everything in the universe is connected . What we think , say and do and Believe , has a corresponding effect on others and the universe .

Lets start at the Beginning:

When you don’t understand the connections between the spiritual laws , you encounter obstacles . You feel lost , frustrated , and confused about your purpose ; once you are aware of the laws, you feel more confident , productive and can reflect on your truths. The following is an overview of the The Kybalion.


There are 7 universal Laws (Hermetic Philosophic Laws) by which the Universe is governed . These are based on the pursuit of Gnosticism : ancient religious ideas and systems pertaining to spiritual mysteries in Ancient Egypt and Greece ( 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. ). These themes and ideas were discussed in whispered tones and passed down from master to student in moments of extreme trust. The first three laws are immutable ( Absolute:”they can never be altered). The last four are mutable (transitory :they are”used to create your ideal reality)”. According to the Kybalion, “the Universe exists by virtue of these Laws , forming its framework. ” Knowledge of the Laws along. with the Law of Attraction is necessary to consciously and intentionally transform your life in the direction you choose, in order to create your new reality and achieve true mastery “

1) Law of Mentalism ( Immutable ) “All is Mind ; the “Universe itself , at an underlying level is Mental. “All phenomenon of life , matter and energy of the universe are thoughts of an Infinite and Universal Mind of Infinite Intelligence.” All energy manifests from the Universal Mind. This Principle explains the true nature of ENERGY,POWER, and MATTER. Your reality is a manifestation of your mind (MIND POWER).

The old Hermetic masters wrote: ” He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on the Path to Mastery .Without this MasterKey, Mastery is impossible, and the student knocks in vain at the many doors of the temple .”

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2)The Law of Correspondence (Immutable ) There is harmony between the physical, spiritual and mental realms. There is no separation since everything in the universe originates from one source. We can solve problems by deducing what exists a layer above or below the surface to infer a pattern of what lies in -between. “KNOW THYSELF AND THOU SHALT KNOW ALL OF THE MYSTERIES OF THE GODS AND THE UNIVERSE.”

3)The Law of Vibration ( immutable) “Nothing rests, everything vibrates. The Universe is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies . From the ALL, which is pure Spirit , to the grossest form of matter , all is in vibration. The higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale . The Spirit is so infinitely rapid and the lowest form of matter is so slow that they appear to be both identical and at rest. The Law of Attraction is described in this law : like energy attracts like energy . All of our thoughts and emotions are vibrations . You can learn to control your mental vibrations at will . This is Thought Power.

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4)The Law of Polarity ( Mutable ) : The Principle of Duality .” Everything is dual , and everything has poles . Things that may appear to be opposites are extremes of the same thing . Heat and cold are varying degrees in the spectrum. This applies to light and dark, energy and matter , love and hate, good and evil , and fear and courage . Where does one leave off and the other one begin ?

Rising above the Law of Polarity

This law only affects the physical and mental world. By focusing on the good when things seem to heading in a negative direction, your thoughts can change the outcome. It is possible to change the level of vibrations in ones own mind and in others.


5)The law of Rhythmn( mutable) Everything flows in and out like a pendulum: swing manifests to the left and right . This phenomenon describes the waves of the ocean , business cycles , swaying of your thoughts , and levels of personal success or failures. On a global level one can explain creation and destruction of worlds, and the rise and fall of empires. The Hermetists apply the Mental Law of Neutralization . The Masters consciously ,with the use of the WILL, can pause the swing of the pendulum utilizing mental power ; this can not be achieved by the masses .

Rising above the Law of Rhythm

Improve your health , your finances, your relationships, or your goals once you have the ability to recognize the subtle start of negativity . When you feel that the Law is starting to draw you back , do not be discouraged or fearful. Knowing that you are one with the Omnipotent, Universal Mind, nothing is impossible ! Keep your thoughts focused on the outcome and fight to remain positive no matter how far this Law pulls you ! Even if your efforts meet with failure , find comfort that by virtue of this Law , the upward motion must start again . In time ,the backward movements become less negative and you raise yourself higher.

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The Law of Cause and Effect ( Mutable ) Every cause has an effect ; every effect has a cause . Every one of your thoughts has its origin in your inner or mental world : Thought power. ” Everything happens according to Law ,” and nothing happens by chance.” The masses of people are carried along , obedient to the wills and desires of others (they are not self-directed thinkers). The Masters PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE ,instead of being played, and are not affected by the will of others. They obey the causation of the higher planes , but they rule on their own plane (self-directed).

Master the Law of Cause and Effect

To become a master of your destiny, you must master your mind. EVERYTHING in your reality is a mental creation. The law applies on all three planes of Existence : the spiritual, the mental and the physical . The spiritual plane cause and effect are instantaneous; the other two planes require time and space between the cause and the effect . When you focus on your chosen goals with intention using creative visualization, your thoughts in the spiritual world are manifested in the physical world. This requires Persistence ,Practice, Desire and Faith (Our DMP).

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The Law of Gender: Gender is in everything , and has its Masculine and Feminine qualities . The law works in Creation , Generation, and Regeneration. It applies in the mental , spiritual and physical planes and includes animals, plants, minerals , and electrons . The elements are described by sex, but apply to both: male elements listed are energy , self reliance, logic and intellect ; female elements listed are love , patience , intuition , and gentleness . There is no room for sex , lust or perversion by the Hermetists .

The Law of Attraction

This is the Law of Growth. You attract into your life those things , circumstances and conditions that correspond with the nature of your dominant , habitual thoughts and beliefs ( consciously and subconsciously ). The law of vibration states: we vibrate at different frequencies. Your dominant frequency is determined by your dominant mental attitude. A positive mental attitude attracts positive experiences and circumstances . The need to have a definite purpose (DMP) becomes a necessity (burning desire) and not a luxury . To consciously attract that which you choose into your life , bring the energy of your thoughts and your actions into vibrational harmony with your choices (perfect health or success). Creative visualization is the technique to reprogram your subconscious mind and attract those circumstances that you consciously choose. The knowledge of the law empowers you to take full responsibility for your current conditions by understanding the POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS. By taking responsibility for your life , you grant yourself the power to change . There is no judgement whether a thought is good or bad. Your perfect vibratory match manifests via great habitual thoughts and beliefs. The primary goal is to adjust your mental attitude by changing your predominant thoughts . To master your life , you must master your mind!

Problems with the Law of Attraction :

It takes time and repeated efforts for your subconscious emotional vibrations to catch up to your new mental focus . Your negative beliefs can affect your circumstances . The law of polarity is dual; you attract the whole spectrum (positive and negative). You can’t attract financial abundance without the potential for lack , and you can’t attract success without the potential for failure. The net effect of the two laws working together in the face of negative beliefs in the subconscious mind , create a situation that can attract more negative circumstances . How do you bypass your negative beliefs and free your subconscious mind to attract what you want to experience ?

The laws work well together if you already have a positive belief ( running a marathon if you are healthy ) . A possible solution is to place your focus on something which is by -product of what you want. Example : if you desire lots of money , focus on giving money away aa if you already possess the money . The mental focus ensures the creation of your intended outcome , as it helps you to transmute or change your negative beliefs into their positive equivalents. Emersons essay on compensation described doing service by giving more to get more. When you receive more in return , you give even more!

What does all this mean ?

Train the subconscious mind through silence to create thoughts and ideas using imagination and they will manifest in the physical world . Through creative visualization and daily habits ,along with faith , desire and persistence, we connect to the Universal Mind . We recognize , relate and assimilate as we connect to the spiritual world . WE ARE ALL CONNECTED THROUGH THE UNIVERSAL MIND .

Resouces: by Tania Kotsos

The Science of Being by Baron Eugene Ferson

The Kybalion

The Hermetic Revival : 7 Ancient Principles for Self Mastery by Colton SwaBlock

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Strategies to Diminish the Effects of Worrisome Behavior : Master Key Mastermind Alliance

The world is in turmoil ,so there is an abundance of fear, anxiety and worry exacerbated by restricted access to the outside world. The people that conform to society are captivated by the news media reporting 24/7 feeding consistent gloom and doom ; This creates a negative mindset , lack of ambition, and illness with emotional distress. Worrisome behavior is a destructive habit .” When you worry you don’t stop the bad stuff, but you can’t enjoy the present. ” The negative vibrations bring limitation, and a “failure consciousness mindset.” The clinical syndrome of anxiety and stress is characterized by a rapid heart rate and high blood pressure and nervousness. Over time , there may be a higher incidence of ulcers, heart disease, and depression. Due to lack of focus , concentration, and scattered consciousness there is disharmony with the Universe. Our society benefits from human connection which is being pulled apart by the current crises.

I have brief moments when I wonder if this is a dream ? Fortunately , I am grateful and have the privilege to be working in the construction industry since the government has deemed the industry as essential . However, the risk is great interacting with the public . When I get to work , I am wearing gloves and disinfecting all of the desk surfaces, phones , calculators , doorknobs and bathroom facilities . I have to wash my hands before and after I go to the bathroom, and before and after I eat , being careful not to touch my face to adjust my glasses. I see people everywhere wearing gloves, masks with fear on their countenance. When I get home, I remove and disinfect and wash my clothing, shower , disinfect my car seat and the materials I bring into the house. I also need to be vigilant that my father of 97 years is following the same guidelines. He forgets to wear gloves , touches his nose intermittently , or causally wonders out from the office to face the public ; It can be difficult to get him to follow directions at times since he gets confused periodically .

Development of a positive mental attitude and mindset seems impossible under these circumstances. Our negative thoughts bring about more negative thoughts and bad Karma. In addition, the energy required to generate a positive solution is destroyed leading to exhaustion. Dale Carnegie wrote the book”How to Stop Worrying and Start Living “ in 1948. Two quotes that represent his thoughts: “shut off the past” and “shut out yesterdays “. His suggestions included acceptance of the worst case scenario , writing down your thoughts and feelings, leaving the past behind to focus on the present , and forming a mastermind group.

How to Survive and Thrive

I am so grateful for the training in the Master Key System the last 6 months because I learned many principles for survival , including how to be a self directed thinker with definite goals, strategies to reduce fear , and guidance to fulfill my purpose by giving service to society . Napolean Hill, and Charles Haanel wrote about the power of thought and having a positive mental attitude . The keys to development of a successful mindset starts with goals and desire , persistence in the face of failure, imagination , organized planning , and the formation of a mastermind group . Being present and being your best true self is the key to health and wealth. Practice of the mental diet ,with no negative thoughts( to the best of my ability ) is assisted by the law of dual thought ( substituting negative thoughts for positive ones ). Using the Law of relaxation , I am able to connect to infinite intelligence. Knowledge of the law of least effort allows me to accept responsibility without blaming others. I learned about the power of the spirit and creative visualization to set goals . Napolean Hill stated “you are what you think about ” and stressed the importance of establishing goals ; 95 % of the population fail to establish goals settling to live in poverty and blaming society for their fate . If you cultivate a “positive consciousness” mindset, there will be more positivity in your life. Mandino Og , author of the Greatest Salesman of the World ,wrote many passages that I recite when I feel stressed:” I Greet this day with love in my heart ,” I am master of my emotions,” “I will laugh at the world, “and ” I will persist until I succeed”. My DMP (definite major purpose ) statements help me focus when negative thoughts arise . I use the comfort zone as a tool ; when I sense fear , anxiety , worry and frustration, my energy is refocused to channel them to be a positive experience.

With the current situation , I have had time to reflect about previous distractions of life. There are no movie theaters , sporting events and social gatherings . I fully appreciate the importance of family and relationships with others by being present. Acts of performing and observing kindness , giving more without the expectation of reciprocity and loving nature gives me a tremendous sense of gratitude and happiness ! The only way to enjoy the future is to bury the past . This will bring peace and happiness .The practice of mindful meditation helps to control my emotions by accepting things as they are . “When you have learned to control your thoughts you will have discovered the world within ” (your subconscious mind ). The world of without ( your conscious mind) is affected positively and you enjoy life effortlessly. When you change your thoughts , you change your life .

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Reflections and Thoughts on the Master Key Experience- Living my Purpose : Week 24

I am reflecting on my life changing experience with the Master Key Experience class that started in September 2019 . I had no idea that this class was so encompassing and life changing. Mark J was a genius to conceive the idea to develop an educational experience that was mind-blowing, and so incredibly exciting by creating a vision that helped students on a journey of self discovery to be self directed thinkers and find their bliss . The amazing thing is that it was paid for by former members of the MKE via a PIF scholarship which you had to maintain by keeping up with the assignments. The work was extremely challenging for the first 6 weeks , but you “don’t get something for nothing”. Mark guaranteed (just like Babe Ruth before he hit his historic home runs), that if we did the work ,we would succeed! We followed in faith , developed belief and BAM ! He didn’t disappoint with the results . The course helped me change my thoughts by creating a new blueprint and train the subconscious mind through autosuggestion. This was achieved with the development of good habits by goal-setting (DMP), practice , enthusiasm , and the use of chore cards (service cards) . Reading the Blue Print Builder by Napolean Hill helped me to develop self-confidence and Faith in myself . I recited the laws of giving and receiving several times a day and repeated the phrases, “DO IT NOW ” , I WILL BE WHAT I WILL TO BE” ,”ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE” and WHAT WOULD THE PERSON I INTEND TO BECOME DO NEXT”! Who knew that development of a idea could be so powerful? Who knew what the power of silent meditation all meant ? Who knew how much I could accomplish through the power of silence? . I learned about the laws of the Universe, and the laws of the Mind . “We are all connected and share vibrations through the Universal Mind ; we all have the same potential to succeed. “Neurons that are fired together , wire together.” I learned about the power of the seven laws of the mind and the mental diet. I was the non objective observer , gave no opinions and kept an open mind without having negative thoughts . I never knew how many negative thoughts I truly had , and the benefits of implementation . “Relaxation of thought is the only access to infinite intelligence .

I was exposed to so much literature . The book The Greatest Salesman ,by Mandino Og , had a major impact on my life. There were so many great passages: “I am natures greatest Miracle”,” I greet this day with love in my heart” , “I will live this day as if its my last” and ” I am the master of my emotions” are just a few. The book helped me realize that I was selling myself to myself , building confidence and self worth . His story was so motivating as he became an incredible success after he discovered his true purpose . I will continue to read this forever. I read Emerson’s essays of Compensation, and Self Reliance. These referred to the phrase”Give more get more” (giving service to others ) and made me realize the importance of being self-reliant by not conforming to society. I studied about Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey. I need to be a hero and have the courage and faith to step into the unknown and accept the call to action . I can do service by helping others to start their hero’s journey and help them live their bliss. Deepok Chopra’s book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success discussed living in harmony with Natural Law and the Law of Least Effort . Wallace Waddles book The Science of Getting Rich discussed thought, masterminds, and wealth.

Haanel and the Master Key readings taught me so many things about the Universal Mind, thought, and the power of Spirit. The source of all wisdom, power , and intelligence is the Universal Mind. The creative power of thought originates in the Universal Mind which is omnipresent , omnipotent and omniscient. Thought manifests itself through the Law of Attraction which is the Law of Growth . Love imparts vitality to thought . Thought is the energy which the Law of Growth operates creating abundance. We need only to think of positive thoughts to develop a positive mind consciousness , because we are what we think about . Negative thoughts bring about negative results. Thought is mind in motion. We change our thoughts to change our conditions since thought is a cause . If we control our thoughts we control our destiny ( law of Karma ). Knowledge doesn’t apply itself and requires action. We are all Spiritual and an idea is conceived in the spiritual world comes to physical reality through silence , creative visualization and imagination.

I experienced and practiced the formula for happiness ( journal , gratitude and kindness ) and that multitasking doesn’t work . I flashed cards to build a progression for the law of growth. We studied virtues using the Franklin Makeover and used R2A2 , to recognize in others what we wanted to improve in ourselves . The formula for the habit of persistence is : ( DMP + PMA + Mastermind +closed mind to negative thoughts ). We studied the Wooden pyramid of success . “Success is a piece of mind which is direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming “. Using shapes and colors with our written Smart goals , along with listening to a recording of our DMP to music was a brilliant way to get us to think about our DMP all day. I wore a compass around my neck as a reminder to follow my heart and not look at my watch . In addition, I wrote a press release looking back on my success, read the “Guy in the Glass every night” and had a weekly meeting with my future-self in my visualizations. The webinars about expanding the comfort zone was helpful to recognize and teach me how to use them as tools and not to limit myself when I was stressed. The last lectures were about life and its purpose . “The meaning of life is to find your gift . The purpose of life is to give it away “.

What does the future hold?

I have so much gratitude and learned so much that I am planning to continue to mastermind with members in my group . I also will be a part of the March to 3000 members live event . My plans are to attend a retreat in Kauai next year, mastermind with Mark J about the Wallace Waddles trilogy , and study GO90GRow to learn the skills to be a success in network marketing. I want to be an affiliate for the master key and share it with everybody because the principles learned are of so much value to me . I look at all of this and realize that this is not the end of the course but a new beginning of challenges and rewards for me . I finally have found a purpose to pursue following the teachings, and gaining the knowledge of the Master Keys to drive me to be a hopeless success in leading others to discover their bliss. The last webinar had a powerful statement that leaves a lasting impression: “By doing what we are designed to do , being true to ourselves … something large and magnificent happens . Because of our gifts, freely given, the world lives”. Our gifts and purpose are inside of us ,and we need to let go and trust ourselves to follow the path to greatness.

Guidelines to Manifest Abundance & Spirituality to Achieve your Dharma Week 23: Master Key Experience

Everything happens for a reason ! The MKE webinar referenced the book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Depak Chopra . It is a summation of all that we have been practicing the last 6 months . The message enforces our understanding of how to live in harmony with nature , manifest abundance easily, and express health, vitality and happiness ! The Law of Least Effort: the law is about energy conservation. When our actions are motivated by love ; we gain momentum to create a surplus of energy allowing us to obtain anything we desire. The opposite is true as non positive actions drain energy . There are 3 components : Acceptance , Responsibility and Defenselessness . Acceptance : we accept things as they are. Responsibility: we don’t blame others , and create opportunities to use this as a tool for personal benefit (to expand our comfort zone ). Defenselessness : relinquish the need to defend your point of view and be open to all other opinions. Our dreams and desires will manifest “effortlessly” when we embrace the present to experience fulfillment of life.

The Law of Potentiality: This law deals with the awareness of an ” all pervasive spirit ” connected to the power of the universe. The daily practice of silence , meditation and being non-judgemental ( we have been doing this for weeks ) is the pathway to infinite creativity , freedom and bliss . However with prolonged silence , you discover your “true self ” giving insight to overcome fear , guilt ,and insecurity ( comfort zone ) .

The Law of Giving and Receiving : “ our willingness to give that which we seek shall keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives. ” This Law is a dynamic exchange ( flow ) that we have been reciting daily for the past 6 months. The more you give , the more you receive ( Emerson’s Law of Compensation ). The intent is to provide service to others without expectation of reciprocity. As you give more and receive more, your ability to give more increases.

The law of Karma or cause and effect. “What you sow is what you reap”. Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in a similar fashion. When we make a choice , what are the consequences ? Will it bring fulfillment and happiness to me and others ? Listen to your heart for guidance. All actions are karmic episodes; the best way to prepare for any moment in the future is to be fully conscious of the present.

The Law of Intention and Desire: the law is about energy and information . We can consciously change the informational content utilizing our nervous system (mindfulness?) . Intention is the power behind desire. Your intention is for the future but your attention is the present. You manifest your intention when you don’t allow obstacles to interfere.

The law of Detachment : “our willingness to step into the unknown “. The law states that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe , we need to “detach ourselves “from the outcome. Attachment is based on fear (not knowing our true self). Be prepared when opportunity presents itself ; the solution will appear spontaneously .

The Law of Dharma : “… the combination of the ability to express your unique talents , seek your purpose and give service to humanity “. We are all spiritual beings with ” human experiences “, seeking to discover the “divine nature within ourselves “.

Quotes about Abundance : “Riches are not from Abundance of worldly goods, but from a contented mind “- Unknown Author
“Having everything is just an expression of complete inner freedom” – Deepak Chopra

“Any person who contributes to prosperity must prosper in turn “- Earl Nightingale

How to use the laws of success and the Law of Least Effort

We experience the law of pure potentiality through silence and meditation. Through the actions of giving you activate the law of karma. Good karma leads to a life of effortlessness fulfilling our desires and intentions. We focus on our true purpose (dharma) , and give service to humanity by utilizing the law of detachment . This week, I had to utilize the Law of Least Effort with my father at work . We had a few disagreements about procedures in the office . After realizing that I was starting to allow myself to be affected by my emotions, I made myself aware of the present situation, became the non judgemental observer , used the law of substitution, became detached from the outcome and accepted his opinions and ideas . The result was a smoother transition because of my acceptance and awareness and my willingness to be defenseless !

I have mastered the 7 laws of the Mind along with the Mental diet . I have used the knowledge gained positive experiences from the book , The Greatest Salesman: Scroll 6 “controlling my emotions”,Scroll 2 “greeting the day with love in my hearts,” and scroll 5 “we are nature’s greatest miracle “. I have mastered the practice of being the quiet observer , and being non-judgemental . I have success through creative thought ,creative visualization, a positive mental attitude, desire and faith. I am a self directed thinker not concerned about criticism by others . In these scary times I need to continue to have faith in myself, live my purpose (Dharma, DMP) with honesty ,kindness , and gratitude , and provide service to humanity . With the assistance of positive affirmations and creative visualization in silence, I succeed !

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Now Is the Time: Think and Be Great Week 22 A – MKE

With all of the chaos precipitated by the fear based mentality of the masses due to the Corona virus pandemic , it’s time to sit back and think about what to do ? Do we conform with everyone in society or do we choose what we wish to do and act according to our desires?

My readings this week included Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill ,The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Waddles, As a man Thinketh by James Allen and the essay Self Reliance by Ralph Emerson . All the authors believe in the power of thought , living a life of service and purpose to improve the life of others , having a strong desire to succeed, and to following your heart with persistence without conforming to the norms of society . “You are what you think about ” is a famous quote by Napoleon Hill . This speaks to the power of thought . Ralph Emerson frowns upon someone that doesn’t think and is not creative . A self reliant thinker will be independent and not afraid of failure ( a positive conscious mindset). Waddles book on thought describes “stuff” that exists in the universe ; when a man thinks of an idea it becomes a thought when its combined with the “universal stuff .” Thought is power and by applying knowledge and taking action , we get power . ( this was discussed in a previous blog)

I am nature’s greatest miracle and only 2 steps away from genius and greatness. I already possess and have established the habits for success! Presently I am well armed with : 1) the habits to prepare myself for greatness 2)the ability to recognize greatness in myself and in others 3) the knowledge and ability to expand my comfort zone and recognize what to do to overcome my shortcomings 4) the ability and feeling of true happiness through gratitude 5) the habit of making promises to get things done. 6) the mastermind group to explore issues and obtain the specialized knowledge necessary to succeed. Therefore, I now move forward and crush my goals.

So what is stopping me ? The energy that surrounds my ability to be courageous and take the hero’s journey should not be an issue . I am connected to everyone and everything in the spiritual world and I’m one step below the omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience of the universe. As a self directed thinker , there is no concern about what society or others think of my actions and plans . What do I really want? Therefore I plan to pursue a prolonged sit for several days to seek my truth and purpose because I am the only one that knows truly what is in my heart . I need to give myself that opportunity to search and think. Since I have recently decided to join a network marketing company there are many things that need clarification for me . It is time for change ! Time to think and be Great to live my purpose and ” follow my bliss”!

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Be Mindful . Change your Thoughts to Change your Brain: Master Key Wk #22

I have always been fascinated with the connection of the mind and body especially when it comes to health and disease. Haanel refers to the power of the mind and the power of thought to heal the body in week 22 of the Master Key. The reading emphasized abundance and positive thoughts to increase health and reduce disease ; negative thoughts are associated with worse clinical outcomes. The power of thought can influence the body’s ability to heal itself .

How to reduce negative thinking and promote optimal health ?: 1) Write a gratitude list daily ( part of the happiness progression) 2) Focus on your purpose in life (DMP , Desire ) 3) Laugh ( reduces your risk of heart disease) 4)Optimism/ Positive Attitude ( this affects your immune system ) 5) Meditation (to slow the ageing process) and BREATHE !

Many physicians have treated ailments of a functional nature with placebo medications to give a favorable outcome . Mental therapeutics are not routinely taught in medical schools ; however , this should be added in the future . In the book , Cure : A Journey Into the Science of Mind Over Body , Jo Marchant discusses the placebo effect of medications to improve health. There is a true “placebo effect” which creates a measurable biological function in the brain and body . Perception is altered much more than can be explained by circumstances alone. Patients feel better because in their mind they are receiving “a pill ” for their illness. A placebo painkiller , like the real drug , affects the release of endorphins ( chemicals ) in the brain and utilizes the same biochemical pathways for its clinical effects. Placebo use in treatment for medical disease is widespread : Burn victims have reported a 50 % decrease in pain levels. Parkinson’s patients have responded to placebos with the increasing levels of dopamine ( a neurotransmitter released from the brain ) to improve symptoms of movement. People breathing “fake oxygen” have inexplicable reduced levels of prostaglandins measured (chemicals responsible for causing inflammation). There are many factors that affect the clinical effects of drug treatment including social interactions with the health care team , expectations of treatment outcome, psyche , and the diagnosis of the patient . Symptoms associated with the treatment of chronic pain (including depression, anxiety , and bowel dysfunction ) can be reduced with a combination of standard and placebo drugs . It would seem prudent that we should continue to utilize therapies that can influence the mind to treat illnesses.

Treatments from the Far East including Accupuncture , Accupressure , and Biofeedback are utilized today as adjunctive or primary therapy for pain and health. . Neuroplasticity is a field of science that describes the ability of the brain to change and adapt over time . Our brain is a dynamic organ capable of change via reorganization ; it can rewire and form new pathways with learning or training (neurons that wire together , fire together ) . The practice of Mindfulness Meditation refers to the psychological process of raising levels of awareness and training the brain to pay attention and focus. Mindfulness is about learning to direct your attention to what is happening in your present state of mind as it relates to your environment . The training helps to reduce the patients overall perception of pain through acceptance and modulation of the emotional components . In patients suffering with chronic pain , there is less fear with movements and more mental clarity about their problems. The emotions associated with chronic pain ( depression, anxiety , and substance abuse) are also reduced . Meditation practice is linked to an increased density of brain cells in regions that affect cognitive function (attention and sensory processing). Long term meditation creates changes in brain stem function with improved cardio-respiratory control . Functional MRI scans have demonstrated these changes in the brain after only 8 weeks of treatment ;the regions associated with highest levels of function were in the the areas of cognition (important in the process of knowledge) . The bottom line : better emotional regulation, less reactivity to pain , and better performance on tasks and improved intelligence . To reap the benefits , mindfulness meditation needs to be practiced regularly (Practice and repetition (5P) ; benefits are seen after only 10 min a day . A typical week of mindfulness might include the following topics associated with the training . Monday: gratitude , Tuesday : compassion, (decrease pain in others), Wednesday :Acceptance ( accept yourself as you are and appreciate others ), Thursday :Meaning and Purpose ( purpose in life and meaning , Friday : Forgiveness- forgive yourself and others, Saturday : Celebration of joy in your life and in others Sunday :Reflection– reflect on your week through meditation or prayer.

Mindfulness helps you to step outside your body and teach you a different way to deal with stress , pain , anxiety and depression. With practice , you can manage stress with a feeling of happiness and peace . As a member of the master key experience , we are using the laws of the mind , meditation , the power of thought and the silence of repose to improve mental clarity, purpose , and gratitude . There has been a tremendous shift in me utilizing the tools I have learned to date. This is a short video courtesy of the BBC about patient experiences having a positive outcome using Mindfulness Meditation.

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Help , I’m Stuck in the Comfort Zone: What Do I Do Now? Master Key Experience Week 21

          What is the Comfort Zone ? It has to do with all of the things we grew up with : guilt, shame, fear, feelings of unworthiness and hurt feelings. When I think of the comfort zone ,  I thought of the  classic song by Stealers Wheel “Stuck in the Middle with you “. Listen below :

           The song written in the 1970’s referred to the group’s struggles with the record industry executives. The scene takes place at a signing party in London to celebrate , and the band members  were drinking in order to  tolerate the “weasels” present which they detested ! There are several phrases that had meaning for me . “Clowns to the left of me , jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you “. I think about being stuck in the comfort zone and not willing to  take responsibility for my decisions or face my critics on both sides . The phrase “fall off my chair “ means to me that I can’t make a mistake and  risk failure  because I might get fired from my job and quit trying to improve myself.        We all have the power to change our lives at any time . So why do we conform and not stand up for ourselves . When you are presented with things growing up  like drugs , alcohol , smoking cigarettes or the opportunity to break rules , we sometimes go along willingly without thinking about the consequences.  We go to school or work because that’s what we are supposed to do . Should we just sit on the couch ,or exercise, eat healthy, and do something ambitious. Many complain that they have a terrible life with little money or  pleasure but  are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.  This is our comfort zone! Creating change takes bravery, and  courage . It’s easy to go with the norm, stay in the comfort zone  and not take risks . We can’t blame the outside world for all of our problems . We need to solve the problems by looking within .  Whats holding us back ? When we fail ,its a validation to quit and not to try. The comfort zone is quite dangerous and can prevent you from improving .

How to escape the Comfort Zone?


   Joseph Campbell , author of the book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces ,”describes the hero’s journey with a call to action involving taking action and facing the unknown which is quite scary . You get butterflies in your stomach , your heart races , you start screaming in fear and you want to run away. This is followed by facing your peers who will embarrass you , causing shame and guilt if you are vulnerable and are not prepared .  Your comfort zone gets a little bigger every time you take one or two steps away. Over time you feel better about yourself and have more confidence to take risks. Things that might assist you include : 1)Journaling  to describe your feelings. Write about what you are feeling now and what you want to be feeling . How can you take small action steps easily and have success? 2)Take a step back to create a positive moment in the past ( dancing , singing , playing an instrument )and tap into your creative side again. 3) Change your routine and the  standard order of doing your routine things in life .This could be moving furniture , or drive a different route  to work 4) Join a group activity in a community center where people meet to talk about books or sports . This can help to build confidence. 5)Change your looks, cut your hair , or your style of clothing. 6) Make a list of things to help speak your truth to others , and practice compassion . 7) Get a friend to hold you accountable for a new adventure . Did I hear Mastermind ?  8) Acknowledge people around you. Tell people why they are awesome and do  random acts of Kindness , have Gratitude and Humility  9) Dare to imagine what you want in your life and career ; think, and visualize as if its  already happened with you  already having achieved success! ( Desire and DMP) 10) Remember that you are amazing and nature’s greatest miracle !

       The Master Keys Experience discussed Expanding  the comfort zone  by changing the way we look at things . All of the elements can be used as a tool to help expansion and live our bliss ! 

Fear : When we are experiencing this , we have intense concentration ,energy, and focus.   If we direct this toward our goals and purpose ,and use the Law of Substitution, imagine how much more could be accomplished? For me , I have fear of talking about my network marketing business to others,  and picking up the phone to make calls . I also fear committing to  a financial burden to resume my real estate business because I have not been successful to date . I recognize that I have fear and use the energy and concentration for solutions: GO90Grow , Mastermind groups , Narc . This gives me confidence to enter the Hero’s Journey and answer the call to action!  

     Anger: With anger , there is massive energy. So if we direct it elsewhere , Wow ! Observing this in my Father who is 97 years old when he didn’t get his way, I was  able to direct him to substitute the anger toward production and make him realize that he could be more effective in his activities ! Here I used the Laws of Dual Thought and the Law of Substitution , to redirect the energy . I can think back to when I was going through my divorce and was extremely angry at my children and my spouse because of limited access . I wish I was aware of the tools I know now because I might have been able to create a different outcome . I have had a great deal  of sadness , which revealed itself through meditation !

     Guilt : Embrace guilt and have compassion . I feel guilty when I think about things that I should have done with my life and have regrets . I can’t change the past . “What am I afraid of “. It’s not about being good or bad . I’m a good person and have humility and gratitude !  Change your beliefs instead of berating yourself . I recall when I had guilt over doing things for myself when I first started playing in a band with colleagues about 20 years ago . My family made  me feel guilty because  of the time spent was taking away time from them. While I was able to understand their feelings, I continued  to pursue playing because it was one of my goals and dreams . I knew that I was a good person and my spiritual self approved with positive vibrations. 

     Feelings of Unworthiness:   Using this as a tool , I realize that I am worthy ; as soon as I recognize this , I can get back on track . I felt in the past that I was  not adequate because I couldn’t  do everything I wanted : travel, career , charity work , family obligations, writing  a book . However , I realized that they can be done  on my own time .  I am using the phrase ,“What would the person I intend to become do next “? Using the comfort Zone as a tool , I can expand my zone , and accept  the call to action on the Hero’s Journey . Using the book “The Greatest Salesman” by Mandino Og and the principles learned by Haanel , I am well armed with Love , Persistence , Gratitude , Humility and Appreciation !

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Applied Knowledge for Purpose and Power – Week 20 Master Key

To all those who are in my Universe , knowledge is a wonderful thing . This applies when you know where to find it and how to use it correctly.

Specialized knowledge means knowledge obtained by an individual through means of research and ambition . Subsequently, you can apply what you have learned by using imagination to create ideas for both personal use and others . One can be a scholar, but lack a mastermind group or not know about the subconscious mind and the power within . The more specialized your knowledge is , the more valuable you are in society. Napoleon Hill wrote a chapter about specialized knowledge in the book ,Think and Grow Rich, that many still used today. This is the Fourth Step toward Riches . “The accumulation of great fortunes calls for POWER, and power is acquired through highly organized and intelligently directed specialized knowledge , but the knowledge does not, necessarily, have to be in the possession of the man who accumulates the fortune.”

Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie obtained their specialized knowledge utilizing a mastermind group to acquire riches . Another example where specialized knowledge applies is if you are a physician ; a specialist has more valuable knowledge than a general doctor. The more people know what you know , the less valuable you are. The more people learn what they know from you , the more necessary you become and are sought out . The better you are at articulating your truth and knowledge , the more in demand you become. The more people rely on you , the more in demand and valued you become. The more you give and provide service to others , the more you will receive in riches . Specialized knowledge is among the least expensive forms of service which can be obtained .

How do you organize, pay for and utilize the knowledge that you acquire?

Anyone can answer questions about many things . A contestant on the game show “Jeopardy” may have a large amount of knowledge about many things , but they probably utilized a mastermind group and knew where to get the special knowledge to become successful. An educated man is not necessarily one that has an abundance of specialized knowledge. He needs to develop the knowledge and power from within. Why clutter the mind with useless facts , when you can organize and gain knowledge through others with the assistance of a mastermind group and connect to the Universal Mind.

It pays to know how to purchase knowledge. Decide what kind of special knowledge you need , and determine the purpose for which it is needed. Your major purpose in life ( the goal the you are working toward,DMP ) will help determine what you need . The next move requires that you have accurate information about dependable sources. The most important of these are through personal experience and education. Experience and education available through the cooperation of others: Master Mind Alliance , Universities , Public Libraries, Special training courses ( online or home study ). As knowledge is acquired it must be organized and put into use for a definite purpose through practical plans and action! Knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from the application toward a worthy end (“knowledge must be applied “-Haanel). Successful people never stop acquiring special knowledge related to their major purpose , business or profession. Home study requires ambition and discipline , which leads to an action plan. Special knowledge leads to imagination which generates ideas in the form of organized plans . The Master Key Experience has hammered the point repeatedly that the habit of learning to obtain the information necessary for your major purpose will present itself through the power of thought , repose , creative visualization , persistence and the willingness to never give up.

My personal experience

The master key course discussed building the perfect plan . Perhaps it’s not coincidental that the popular movie ,” Sonic the Hedgehog “is now playing in many theaters . Growing up ,this was a very popular video game that I played. The object was to collect as many rings as possible and defeat the demons utilizing speed, courage , and” special skills or knowledge along the way .” I think the “rings” can be used as a metaphor for success based on effort and determination . The more rings you accumulate , the higher your success. The essay written by Isiah Berlin “,The Fox and the Hedgehog” , discussed the “hedgehog principle.” The essay has been interpreted in many ways but it illustrates the difference between a fox and a hedgehog. The fox has many strategies for different problems and” can live with contradictions”. The hedgehog, on the other hand ,focuses on the “big picture ” and reduces problems to one organizing principle with a selective action plan for success. “The hedgehogs are more decisive and viewed as better leaders,” according to psychologist ,Phil Tetlock . The perfect plan includes the categories : what are you passionate about (DMP) , what youcan be the best in the world at (your gifts or your product ) and what drives your economic engine. Hedgehogs focus on the one or two most important revenue generating activities that need to be scheduled daily . “Plan the work and work the plan .” For me, in my real estate business, I need to generate leads, and close deals ! The specialized knowledge necessary is applied to generate power and to achieve my major purpose . I have had several positive experiences based on positive action since the implementation of the “hedgehog Principle” . All of the virtues implemented to date including initiation , organization, courage, and discipline, have provided me the confidence to break through my previous limiting beliefs . My plan is to pay it forward and share the Specialized Knowledge obtained from my mastermind groups and mentors to create the Power to fuel my Major Purpose and Desire .

I am proud to share my fellow master key member’s blogs for gaining more Specialized Knowledge. There are others that are equally informative , but they are far too numerous to be listed here.

Courage is What We Are Really Fighting For: Week 19 Master Key Experience

Courage may be defined as developing strength in the face of grief or pain ; or the abilty to do something you are frightened about . Is this “expanding your comfort zone” ? It’s about taking risks , utilizing discipline and persistence to overcome tremendous odds and negativity .

Types of courage

Physical : ( bravery to risk of bodily harm , resiliency, awareness ) Social 😦 risk of embarassment or exclusion, rejection, and involves leadership ) Moral: ( doing the right thing in front of others , ethics and integrity ) Emotional: (a full spectrum of emotions ,both positive and negative, and strongly correlated with happiness) Spiritual: (this fortifies us when we question faith, purpose and meaning either in religious or nonreligious frame ) Intellectual 😦willingness to engage with challenging ideas, question our thoughts, and not make mistakes )

Building courage

1)Embrace your fears : Fear is from a “fight or flight “response . This is a learned behavior and is strenghtened by the world around us ( the old blueprint) . We need to retrain our mind ( use the mental diet ) and “expand our comfort zone”. Expose yourself to things you fear ( do it safely and don’t be reckless)

2)Desensitize the brain slowly to your fear to help you face them . However, if you avoid a fear ,it becomes worse ( if you think failure, you get more failure , dream abundance and you get more ) Don’t suppress negative emotions because they become magnified . “Do it now” and make quick decisions ( with intelligence and not impulsively) . Reward yourself for small victories (similar to our chore cards ) ;the treats are physical and mental

3) Be mindful and change your brain ( use the power of thought and feeling as stated by Haanel to create change and train your subconscious mind. Meditation and Repose along with deep breathing exercises can help you overcome fears!

4)Write down your fears ! If your rewrite ” I am fearful ,” it becomes “I have a thought that I am afraid of .” Creative visualization can assist your thoughts and visualize your future self ( like the guy /gal in the glass ) . Journaling can also help you work through your fears .

5)Get outside your comfort zone . Know your limits and focus . Fear of failure is due to a lack of a plan of action. Mastermind with a mentor or friend that you can trust . Expand your comfort zone through mastermind groups, and by realizing that you can reframe your fear and turn it from a negative to a positive

6)Build confidence: ” fake it till you make it”. You can trick your mind by expanding your posture ( wonder woman or other power poses ). This has been shown to increase confidence, raise testosterone and decrease cortisol levels . Don’t let your fears limit you or let your failures define you . Have Faith and Trust in yourself !

7)Belief is powerful . Its already inside you. “You are natures greatest miracle.” Believe of the existence and express it ! Live your purpose doing random acts of kindness with a positive attitude and be happy ! Define your purpose , be persistent and have a plan of action ( sounds like my DMP and the Blue print builder)

Simply stated , it is important to take risks , embrace failure and believe in yourself

The following are several quotes that I found to be impactful about courage :

Jon Gordon – “No challenge can stop you if you have the courage to keep moving forward in the face of your greatest fears and biggest challenges”

Winston Churchill- “Fear is a reaction, Courage is a decision “

Maya Angelou- ‘Without courage , we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency . We can’t be kind , merciful , generous , or honest ”

Johan Wolfgang von Goethe : “Courage is the committment to begin without any guarentee of success “

Mark Twain: “With courage , you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble . Courage is the foundation of integrity “

How did I observe and impliment courage ?

The week was characterized by periods where I would increase my focus and strength when I was in a situation . I would say to myself ” be courageous and confident in your ability to show leadership to inspire others “. ” Do it Now .” This was not only at work but also when I was officiating basketball games . I was determined to blow the whistle harder and be confident in my calls . By doing this , I was able to demand respect from my partner , the players and the coaches . I saw courage in children that were fighting for the basketball during a game sitiuation as they had the strength and determination to succeed and win. At times there was agression and foul play ; their confidence and beliefs did not change . I saw people who were not feeling well show courage to persist despite having severe pain and disabilities . I saw many struggle and fail because they lacked faith and didn’t trust their abilities so they showed a lack of courage. I was encouraged by the ability of many people to show courage in the face of defeat , and they were willing to try again the next day. That is true courage ! The image of the person walking on a tight rope over the waterfalls is a metaphor to remind me to push forward and not look back . I need to have tremendous courage to overcome my fears and take risks to get over the waterfall ( “over the hump”); I will succeed and realize my truth that I am a miracle of nature ! I invite you to read some of the wonderful blogs of my fellow members that have witnessed miracles happen in their life by being a part of the Master Key Experience!

The Happiness Experience and Formula for Life: MKE- Week 18

I have experienced so much happiness in the past several months that I can’t help but to share my thoughts ! So, what’s this really about? What does it mean to be truly happy ? Happiness can be defined as a “feeling that comes over you, and you can’t help but smile” . Many of my fellow members of the Master Key Experience class agree that they are much happier . True happiness is about loving yourself and is not dependent on materialistic things or the presence of others.  Throughout history many philosophers had their own theories . Aristotle felt that it was spiritually based  and centered on good moral character.  Epicurus proposed that balance and temperance created space for happiness. He claimed :”He who is not satisfied with a little , is satisfied with nothing”. Nietzsche’s description claimed that happiness was a fleeting condition and an “ideal state of laziness”, not having any worries. Jose Ortega, a Spanish philosopher felt that each person defines their own reality  as to what can make them happy. There is a convergence of “what we want to be” and “what we truly are”. And finally , Slavoj Zizek  indicated that being truly happy is a matter of opinion, and not of truth . His negative approach is similar to how we act when we say ” I will be happy when I achieve this level of money ” or when I take an expensive vacation . But in reality they never get to experience “true happiness”.

        Presently I am experiencing the wisdom  of Shawn Anchor , an author of the book “the Gratitude Advantage “. He  had an informative TED talk about achieving happiness . Some of the advantages that I have enjoyed are improved  productivity  , focus , and learning at a faster pace . His formula for happiness includes  the following : A) Writing down 3 things you are grateful for daily B) Meditation and  or focus about one thing for 15 minutes C) Exercise and moving your body D) Writing a few sentences about a positive experience in the past 24 hours E) Random acts of Kindness

These things have been incorporated into my daily life and I am truly a much happier person . I have been more present , more kind, more grateful  and seek goodness in others . It is a habit that I have developed and plan to continue for the rest of my life! I know that from speaking to many members of the Master Key group and reading their  blogs ,  that it has been a life changing experience for them too .

I think its fitting to close with a very moving song about happiness by Pharrell Williams because it makes me want to dance and sing about being “happy” every time

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