The Happiness Experience and Formula for Life: MKE- Week 18

             I have experienced so much happiness in the past several months that I can’t help but to share my thoughts ! So, what’s this really about? What does it mean to be truly happy ? Happiness can be defined as a “feeling that comes over you, and you can’t help but smile” . Many of my fellow members of the Master Key Experience class agree that they are much happier . True happiness is about loving yourself and is not dependent on materialistic things or the presence of others.  Throughout history many philosophers had their own theories . Aristotle felt that it was spiritually based  and centered on good moral character.  Epicurus proposed that balance and temperance created space for happiness. He claimed :”He who is not satisfied with a little , is satisfied with nothing”. Nietzsche’s description claimed that happiness was a fleeting condition and an “ideal state of laziness”, not having any worries. Jose Ortega, a Spanish philosopher felt that each person defines their own reality  as to what can make them happy. There is a convergence of “what we want to be” and “what we truly are”. And finally , Slavoj Zizek  indicated that being truly happy is a matter of opinion, and not of truth . His negative approach is similar to how we act when we say ” I will be happy when I achieve this level of money ” or when I take an expensive vacation . But in reality they never get to experience “true happiness”.

        Presently I am experiencing the wisdom  of Shawn Anchor , an author of the book “the Gratitude Advantage “. He  had an informative TED talk about achieving happiness . Some of the advantages that I have enjoyed are improved  productivity  , focus , and learning at a faster pace . His formula for happiness includes  the following : A) Writing down 3 things you are grateful for daily B) Meditation and  or focus about one thing for 15 minutes C) Exercise and moving your body D) Writing a few sentences about a positive experience in the past 24 hours E) Random acts of Kindness

These things have been incorporated into my daily life and I am truly a much happier person . I have been more present , more kind, more grateful  and seek goodness in others . It is a habit that I have developed and plan to continue for the rest of my life! I know that from speaking to many members of the Master Key group and reading their  blogs ,  that it has been a life changing experience for them too .

I think its fitting to close with a very moving song about happiness by Pharrell Williams because it makes me want to dance and sing about being “happy” every time

I have included some of the blogs from other members of the Master Key below so please read at your leisure .




Be a Hero: Manage Discipline, Answer the Call and Resist Temptation : Week 17 HJ- Master Key Experience

My virtue this week was Discipline . Discipline involves a variety of changes to your daily routines which can have a positive impact on your life . Self -discipline means that you need to be responsible for your actions. This requires taking action steps and developing a consistent plan to create long lasting effects . The three types of discipline involve the mind , body and spirit. Examples of mind discipline are focused reading, listening to podcasts , and obtaining knowledge via workshops or webinars. Body discipline is characterized by exercise and nutritional support. Both help the mind function maximally . Spiritual discipline refers to meditation, self -reflection , and visualization. Self discipline is therefore a habit and a personal choice that cannot be coerced, even though some feel that it is a requirement to follow strict laws enforced through punitive measures .

Self Discipline vs Self Control

Self -discipline -training and control of oneself along with your conduct usually for personal improvement . Self- control -the ability to manage your actions, feelings and emotions.

Although they sound the same, they are quite different and they affect one another. Self -control is discipline in the face of pressure from an immediate desire or urge. It stops us from doing an activity that we are contemplating or already doing. An example is to stop us from eating a second doughnut ;discipline keeps us from picking up the first one! Self -control challenges habit and fights emotional comfort . It relates to eating, smoking , drinking, and other physical pleasures that give us temporary psychological comfort.

Self -discipline expects consistency, helps us meet deadlines , and to accept responsibility . It relates to accomplishments and hopes for prosperity . Self discipline asks us to wake up early and self control keeps us from hitting the snooze button. Poor self -control thwarts our discipline . However, excessive self-discipline can drive us to binges of no self- control by being too strict and allowing us not to have any fun!

How to Build Self-Discipline :

Self- discipline starts with self ! It is about leaning into resistance, and taking action , despite how you feel. Live your life by design and not by default . It’s acting according to your thoughts and not your feelings . You might not feel like writing a blog post , or waking up early, but you know that doing it is conducive to your happiness , wealth, and success. You don’t need to feel motivated when you know what must be done.

1)Set huge goals – ( a burning desire) – the only true failure in life is not attempting your big goals . If you don’t fail , then you haven’t taken risks ! You can’t build discipline without knowing what it looks like for you.

2)Proper Mindset- Have a strong determination to change your life and work hard. Have an intention and stay focused (visualization). Do it now! Some may use a commitment aide to keep your focus ( NARC).

3)Build tiny habits – These are easy to do . Do one push-up .Drink one glass of water. We laugh because they are so simple (Its like our chore cards). Change is hard. Motivation is unreliable as a tool because the effect wanes over time .

4)Celebrate small wins. This is from the commitment of our tiny habits .Write down three things why your day was great or gratitude . Give yourself the credit you deserve !

5) Be 100 % responsible for your actions. It is not enough to simply talk about the things you want to accomplish. Go “Beast mode ” according to Sean Terry , a motivational speaker and successful real estate investor . According to Brendon Buchard , author of High Performance Habits, we should” measure our activities daily, weekly , monthly and adjust our efforts and habits accordingly”. There are a variety of things you can do like eat healthy, exercise ( to build your brain and add muscle to your body ), and Mastermind with someone else to achieve greater success!

My Hero’s Journey

Fortunately, I am answering the call to action by observing Discipline in myself and in others . Everything is already in place : A burning desire (DMP) , Persistent and continuous action , Mastermind groups , Gratitude and Happiness and chore cards! This is the path to personal and spiritual transformation ! Resisting temptation is challenging . Breaking away from the old blueprint is a slow process but well worth the effort . There is no turning back . Be a Hero !

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Make a change ; Take Initiative Week 17 MKE

My personal makeover : take 3 ! This week was all about taking initiative . What does that really mean ? In order to take initiative we need to utilize organization, courage, and discipline . How do I do that ? Let’s start with a definition of the word Initiative :

1) The ability to do things independently or assess things (similar words -imagination , motivation, leadership, ambition )

2) The power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do (similar words-advantage , edge, opening move )

3) A personal quality that shows a willingness to get things done and take responsibility. The hope is that whatever we start that it will continue.

The key to making change happen in all aspects of life is to take charge in what we want to accomplish by taking action towards meeting our goals and dreams. This can be in your personal life, work life or in the community . Personal goals may include spending more time with family, changing our lifestyle to improve our health, or challenging ourselves to dive into things we enjoy or have passion about: reading , writing , or exploring new ideas . If you can write down a plan of action by creating a checklist , listing the action steps necessary to achieve your goals and give realistic deadlines to make them happen then you will be successful ! This is not so easy ; how do you take initiative to write them down in the first place ? First we need to have goals and dreams that we want to fulfill. According to Earle Nightingale only 5% of people have written goals . Taking the first step and following your plan can help you achieve your initial goals, and give you the confidence to take on more difficult and long term objectives for your life (example : purchasing a home or becoming debt free ).

Taking initiative at work can make all the difference as we work toward advancing our careers . Think of ways to go the extra mile and showcase your potential . Be confident about sharing your ideas with your co-workers , use constructive feedback as learning opportunities to improve what you do , and obtain new skills to advance what you can offer . If you follow this plan , you can ensure that you are doing everything possible to have a successful future , and provide for yourself and your family.

Taking initiative in the community helps make the world a better place through service work , and random acts of kindness . One is never aware of the impact that your initiative and actions create. “The more you give , the more you receive” .Some examples might be to organize a food drive , donate clothing to the homeless, or advocate for the arts in youth programs . This may inspire others by your leadership .

“Lots of people never use their initiative because no one told them to ” by Banksy.

The habit of taking initiative strengthens your personal brand. Establish yourself as a role model to lead others . How do we show initiative at work ? If you wait to be told what to do. then you waited too long. Like any habit , the more you work on it , the easier it becomes . The habit of taking initiative requires you to recognize that something needs to be done , and either do it , or figure out how to do it! When you see others struggle , reach out and offer help . Be proactive and decisive. When you see a bad decision being made that could potentially result in poor consequences, have the courage to speak up . Persevere and be wiling to start small . Build your” initiative muscle” one step at a time . Have the courage to take on risks and be responsible for your actions . Be mindful of others and provide service to members in your group . Over time you will improve with persistent practice . Observe other colleagues who are masters and work with them ; learn their thinking process and study how they execute ideas and accomplish goals . Does this sound like a mastermind and a hero’s journey ? Hell yes !

Initiation is a phase in the hero’s journey which leads to transformation which requires courage and leadership qualities ! Here we also have a purpose , plan of action , persistence and a mastermind . All of these things are associated with goal seeking behaviors and confidence to take action!

How have I manifested initiative in my self journey ?

This week I have been officiating many basketball games at all age levels . I have noted that taking initiative in making the correct calls and having confidence on the court allows me to be a role model for my partners , players and coaches ! At work , my enthusiasm, work ethic , and kindness have been instrumental in having others show initiation to be helpful and kind . I have found that the specific virtue that I focus on manifests itself often; But I have also noticed that the previous virtues studied are more apparent to me with increased frequency. I am the true hero of my journey and chose to take the call to action to take initiative in all aspects of my life and not look back .

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Kindness Makes ,the World Takes ! Why Should We Be Kind ? MKE Wk#16

What is kindness anyway ? Why should we be kind? This week our virtue to observe kindness in others and to perform acts of kindness has been an amazing experience of happiness and positive thoughts . To be kind is to show benevolence, or have a pleasant demeanor. It also can reflect understanding , tolerance, being helpful or humane or to show affection (love). Kindness can be a brand and the name of a candy bar. There are random acts of kindness that we can do on a daily basis. Any act of kindness has value no matter how big or small. It does not require any special planning or cost but certainly helps spread love and peace in the world . It starts with one person and can grow to magnificent proportions !

There are so many examples of kind acts : holding the door open for someone, buying someone a cup of coffee, giving up your place in line or a giving up a parking space to someone else , donating clothing or food for someone in need , random hugs and smiles, saying thank you to people at work or school, complimenting an officer or janitor, saying you are sorry or forgiving someone , doing a chore to make someone else’s life or job easier, being attentive to someone in need, encouraging and supporting a person’s thoughts or feelings, complimenting someone about something they did or said, and demonstrating polite behavior toward a stranger. What is the result of these acts?

Kindness is contagious, as what you do comes back to you. It gives pleasant feelings of love , brings happiness to someone sad and could change a person’s outlook on life. There are so many wonderful quotes about kindness that I found this week. Here are a few of my favorites:

Amelia Earhaert “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees”

Dalai Lama: “Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible “

RAKtivist; “kindness is seeing the best in others when they cannot see it in themselves” and “kindness is free to give but priceless to recieve ” “kindness is loving yourself enough to love those around you “

Kevin Health: ” NO act of kindness is too small, the gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many”

Amy Leigh Mecree:” Kindness can transform someone’s dark moment with a blaze of light “. “You’ll never know how much your caring really matters”

This week I noticed that when I did something kind for someone else they returned a kind act. There are so many kind people doing kind acts already . When I focused on this specifically this week and was sharing and corresponding to others about their acts of kindness ( in the alliance ), the feelings of personal pleasure , happiness and positive energy were amazing. I felt so much gratitude . I enjoy doing things for others and do not expect anything to come back to me. However , I experienced and was more aware of kindness in others ! I was so pleasantly surprised about the discovery . I feel that I need to always be kind because the magnitude of this simple act can change lives , change the world , and make the world a better place because of connection to others. This can be done at work, or at home .

Virtual Makeovers, Flipping Cards & Gratitude – Oh My! My Master Key Experience -Wk#15

My thoughts this week are about Benjamin Franklin and our virtual makeover. I found out something unusual about the virtual list that Franklin created in the 1700’s . I made a grid of the days of the week and the virtues; when we see the virtue in ourselves and others , we place a black dot in the grid for the day and the week. At the end of the 13 weeks , we have a page full of black dots. In the auto biography by Ben Franklin, his goal was to see a clear page ,because he put a dot in the grid when he found fault against the virtues . Franklin was a very wise man , but he did not have the knowledge of the Master Key. He was focusing on the negative faults. Our Makeover included organization, Kindness, taking initiative , Discipline, Decisiveness, Courage , Special Knowledge, Enthusiasm, Self control, Persistence, Imagination, Pleasing personality and seeing God in others . The list of Ben Franklin’s virtues list was appropriate for the time . I illustrate them here to compare them to ours and to Aristotle who lived in 385 B.C. There are many similarities . The list of virtues by Ben Franklin follow:

Temperance : referring to eating and drinking , reflecting self control and restraint.

Silence: He felt that he could gain knowledge at the same time by listening.

Order: This is similar to organization.

Resolution: Funny how we are not doing any New Years Resolutions by doing the makeover ! He meant this to mean Resolve to perform what you should; Perform without fail what you resolve. (persistence)

Frugality : Make no Expense but to do good to others or yourself. (service), Saving “a Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”,

Industry: Lose no time ; Always be employed in something useful ; cut off any necessary activities (discipline )

Sincerity : Think innocently and justly, and speak accordingly. (truth,Honor,Trustworthy)

Justice : Do the right thing for others. (Law /Honesty)

Moderation: avoid extremes

Cleanliness: Tolerate no uncleanliness in body or clothes or habit

Tranquility : Be not disturbed (pleasing personality )

Chastity : Don’t jeopardize your reputation ( no extramarital affairs)

Humility: Obedience , Subservient , (Seeing God in others)

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher in 384 B.C. and he was a student of Plato. He believed that the function of the human was to engage in an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue , There were two overriding virtues :Intellectual and Moral . The intellectual virtues were acquired by Inheritance and education and the moral ones were acquired by Practice and habit ( Laws of the mind ). The highest virtue was intellectual contemplation ( thought ) . Here are the other virtues by Aristotle :

Courage; Bravery

Temperance : self control and restraint

Liberality : generosity

Magnificence: zest for life

Pride : self -satisfaction

Honor: respect , admiration ( of others)

Good Temper : level headed (pleasing personality )

Friendliness: social,

Truthfulness: Truth and Trust

Wit : sense of humor . Funny how that was a virtue back then.

Friendship : companionship

Justice : Impartiality and Fairness

The first week has been great . My first virtue was Organization. Since I have been noticing this virtue and focusing on it , I have been more organized with my thinking and daily activities.

Flipping Cards

`According to Haanel, “a thought containing principle is vital, … contains life … and takes root and eventually displaces negative thoughts ” By flipping cards, I have experienced many positive associations, thoughts and emotions . The cards with sentences , previous events , and gratitude are supposed to create pictures in our mind , give power to our thoughts and create abundance and harmony !

A few notes about Gratitude

In the autobiography by Ben Franklin , he made a chart similar to OATS. He accounted for his time during the day to be more efficient . I noted that he wrote on a column to the left of his schedule ” what good shall I do today ” in the morning hours and “what good have I done ” at the end of the day. This could have been his way of noting gratitude and service . Brendon Bouchard is a writer , motivator and wrote the book High Performance Habits! His words are :

“Did I Live? Did I Love ? Did I Matter?”

His words link to Og and the Scrolls :

“If I lived , was I vibrant , positive , and happy? If I loved ,did I lead with my heart ?( scroll 2 ) was I vulnerable , caring and did I share? If I mattered , did I stay on the path to helping others ( scroll 3 )”

He says ” thank you for this beautiful day. I hope that I served well. I want to release all of the energy and all of the emotions of this day. I would love to sleep tonight peacefully . There is nothing from this day that’s going to come into tomorrow (scroll 4 ). I have done all that I can. There is nothing for me to do until I wake up well-rested and excited for the day . I appreciate the opportunity to live today . Thank you for the opportunity to serve. Thank you for the health of my wife , and family and friends . Lord please let me sleep tonight .”

My mind is strong . I was able to do a simple test this week which looked at the ability to focus and recite a color while reading a word . The word and the color were different . For example , the word would be red , but the color of the word was yellow. Through the power of focus and mind strength , I was able to focus to guess the correct color and not be affected by the word. This is similar when we read the Scrolls . After 2 weeks, we are the gatekeepers. This is a just another example of the power and strength of the mind . The journey continues. I am looking forward to focusing on my virtues in myself and others over the coming weeks .

The Road Back from the Movie World: My Hero’s Journey to Self Discovery Week 14 MKE

This week we discussed the hero’s journey and call to action. The call to action is an important beginning to a new adventure . Throughout our lifetime , we walk the path many times depending on our age , current knowledge , our willingness to change , and the courage to recognize our truth and live our dream life ! There is usually some gnawing feelings , frustration ,and challenges that we face daily that prompts us to start our journey . We need to seek nonconformity and be unique ( scroll 4 ) , express our love for life ( for ourselves and others) (scroll 2) and be willing to change our attitude ( to seek harmony ) as well as change our conditions. The reasons we pursue a heroes journey may be initiated by our current dissatisfaction with our roles in society, boredom , frustration , or wanting to discover our “bliss” or ” true self” as Joseph Campbell describes. It takes courage , and Faith to face your truths, and to stand up for yourself and express your unique talents . We can help the universe by having a defined purpose in life , and be willing to take risks, and help others along the way !

adapted by Christopher Vogler – a detailed CHaracter Arc

I realize that every major story / video game / movie uses the same script: there is a person (main character) living their life and they are bored , or frustrated ; they realize that they have a purpose to fulfill . This person faces an internal dilemma on a personal journey fraught with inherent risks of the unknown world to face their fears or a major conflict. Ultimately , after overcoming many obstacles, there is either success ,along with a celebration and reward, or “death” with a rebirth ( leaving a legacy for others ). With Success comes a new sense of direction , a changed life forever, and a renewed vigor. Joseph Campbell’s momomyth from his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces described the heroes journey.

The main character in the monomyth is the “hero”. The hero can be thought of as an ” archetype ” . This is defined by Jung to describe a typical character or a situation that represent patterns of human nature . They can trigger emotions, and provide a way to understand our minds and actions. We can see patterns of behavior that we identify with . This is why we love stories so much. In every journey we overcome setbacks and conditioned behaviors of our old blueprint. The journey initially may begin as a quest for wealth and achievement , but ultimately may transition to internal growth leading to personal transformation.

One of my favorite movies “The Wizard of OZ” follows this script . Dorothy was going outdoors despite warnings from her grandparents . When a tornado struck the town , Dorothy sought shelter, was hit on the head , and had a deep sleep (a dream that carried her with her home ) to the land of Oz (the other world which is full of color ) . She met Glenda the good witch ( her mentor ) who inspired Dorothy to start her hero journey to get back home by finding the Wizard and following the yellow brick road .Dorothy had blind faith that the wizard would help her get “home” and the yellow brick road was her path to Discovery. Home could also represent a metaphor for her road to discovering her true-self. ” The people in her life from the ordinary world that she met in Oz are in the form of a lion , a scarecrow and a tin man. They were seeking courage , intelligence with thought power, and love. They needed to trust the journey ,and have faith to develop a strong BELIEF ! All of the characters had the hidden talents they were seeking but they needed belief and trust to make it real. They all formed a mastermind alliance group and developed a plan of action !. The heroes journey involved many challenges and risks that were life threatening , with the wicked witch, the flying monkeys, and the treacherous road to OZ. Dorothy gained wisdom and knowledge from her friends( her mastermind) and they finally were able to meet the wizard . He made them face a final challenge of life and death in which they risked everything to survive ; they were successful because they had belief and a burning desire ! Ultimately , they defeated the wicked witch ,got her broomstick as proof of her death and returned victorious and confident. Dorothy had crossed the threshold and now had transformed her life . She became confident in her wants and needs, and did service helping her mastermind group ( Courage for the lion, love for the tin man and Intelligence to the scarecrow) and the Munchkin people (who were saved from the torture by the wicked witch ) ! Glenda the good witch helped Dorothy realize that she had the power all along to return “home ” to the ordinary world. Her heroes journey was successful because she experienced life changing events, fulfilled her purpose , and helped others . This gave her renewed self- confidence , courage and faith to live harmoniously with her family in the ordinary world again.

My hero journey has started again. My career as a Physician was fulfilling and rewarding encompassing the majority of my life. I accomplished many great things that I am grateful for . I was able to impact the lives of many people , devoting time and focused effort to achieve success . When I finally left the career I was “stuck “and conformed initially to the family wishes to not start another career on top of my full time job and the sole provider to my elderly father. I failed to take full advantage of the Master Key Experience initially and did not seize the opportunity to change my life . Fortunately, given another opportunity , I took full advantage. I needed to develop a deep inner core strength and be “reborn” , “Be true to myself ,”and “discover my bliss “. I was now mentally prepared for my destiny journey , willing to take risks , and explore my fears . The goal was to train my subconscious mind from within to help me defeat the demons ( my old blueprint) that I have carried since birth. I was merely existing in the ordinary world and wanted more . I needed the call to adventure . I developed a burning desire and purpose (DMP) by setting goals, and had a plan of action using the creative power of thought , and connection to the Universal Mind in the Spiritual world . Refusal to call . I was scared to proceed and was clinging to my comfort zone, instead of embracing growth . Do I stay or do I go ?

I had fears and personal doubts. I was forced to make a decision: stay in a world with an illusion of security or embark on my adventure. Cross the Threshold This is the point of no return . I reached the conclusion that I was going to change my life forever and find my “bliss”. It was the first of several turning points . Trials, Friends , and Foes I met many obstacles along the way . Many people tried to stop me . They planted doubts in my mind about my abilities . Few people complete the hero’s journey and most people will unconsciously sabotage your dreams . Meet the Mentor – Magical Wizards : Mark , Davene and the Guides. They were the magical counselors that helped me direct my purpose (my POA) (DMP) :the readings from Haanel , the scrolls by Og, the daily exercises , and focused creative visualization . They manifested themselves when I was ready to accept them into my life . They spoke about guiding yourself from within. These all helped me dispel some of my doubts and gave me hope , courage and strength to continue my quest for self discovery and knowledge.

Additional notes regarding the Tests, Allies and Enemies: My allies – all of the mastermind groups and new friends I met. I know who have my best interests . The Enemies – dragons , lions and tigers and bears ( oh my ! ) or Gremlins that Laura speaks about . I learned about the Mental diet, giving love to everyone , giving service to help , giving more to get more , met my future self in the mirror and had tons of gratitude for everything in my life . The things holding me back were emergencies or life events , my girlfriend and family misunderstanding the time constraints necessary to feed my mind , and my old habits and former blueprint trying to replace the cement that had already fallen off. Some of the activities I performed included maximizing my overall efficiency, avoidance of procrastination, writing creative blog posts, and participating in social media events and mastermind groups . The Approach to the Inner Cave: “the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek ” Joseph Campbell. My inner conflict with work commitments, ( job , officiating sports ) , starting to write my first book, fear of failure and finding the time to complete assignments . ! Last week I decided to take the flying leap of faith into the abyss. The holidays came and there was a time of reflection to find the courage to continue the journey and heal old traumas or scars . The Ordeal: time to face my biggest challenges – procrastination, getting things done , persisting and overcoming self doubt . All of the skills and exercises learned along the way helped me prepare for success that lies ahead. Everything is on the line now . This is my high point and I’m prepared to finally deal with the big demons and take a big risk . My life will never be the same using NARC and getting my new makeover in weeks ahead. Having the mindset to never quit (scrolls plus exercises). Failure is not in my vocabulary .(scroll 4) . My gratitude list is enormous and grows daily . I’m ready to seize the ultimate treasure of happiness, health and financial freedom creating a legacy for my children . After I slay the dragon, and get my prize of transformation of my life , I need to be prepare to return to the ordinary world and home . I have the power of the subconscious mind , the ability to love everyone , and the power of thought with creative visualization and applied knowledge . I’m invincible and will not quit .

Scenes of coming attractions: I can taste the rewards. However , I can’t be too overconfident and must maintain my vigilance guarding against the inner demons. Keep an “underdog mindset” described by Dean Graziosi in his latest book ” the Underdog advantage”. The underdog mindset means that you should never feel overconfident once you succeed because you can fall hard if you rely on what you have already accomplished . He believes you should continue to work hard to not loose your edge. I need to anticipate the dangers ahead. I need to face my ghosts , and leave behind the old world for good to have a happier full life . I plan to go to Kauai this summer after completing my course with the master key to help me sustain my growth and slay the big monsters in the cave. I have had many challenges ( obstacles like the old habits , fears, old blueprint and habits ) trying to defeat me. I like the analogy of the hero’s journey to the main character in a video game ( like Zelda) . As you play the game you collect coins or lives to advance to different levels . Along the way you encounter many obstacles , have to do battle and meet friends to help you on your journey . There are the ultimate life or death challenges at the end of the game . If you have saved up lives by successful completion of the previous levels ( acquired the knowledge and skills to survive ) then you have ammunition to defeat the big monster or dragon. If you are able to defeat the dragon ( it will take every skill and ounce of courage and, will and determination ) then you win and you can return successfully to the ordinary world . If you win , you live and you” beat the game” . If you fail , you die , but are resurrected . You might have to go through various stages before you are able to have the opportunity to face that dragon again , but that road to get back is much harder requiring more will and determination then the first time . After you defeat the dragon for the last time, you can help others achieve their goals and teach others the skills to survive and be transformed . I know that the journey is not linear and can take many turns with highs and lows . Its a cycle and you may need to return periodically to the other world before having true ultimate success . I am filled with love and gratitude ! I am a warrior and ready to be transformed . Embrace the journey!

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Persistent Actions and the Power of Thought = Success MKE WK#13

This week the Master key discussed the laws of nature, scientific theory, and the law of cause and effect. The latter is a universal law that is immutable and maintains the inner harmony and the logical order of the universe . “KARMA” signifies an act or deed. Any physical or mental action is explained by KARMA. Every action produces an impression which is reflected in your subconscious mind. Every thought affects the whole world directly or indirectly via the Universal Mind. You can change your thoughts and habits and mold a new character . Destiny is created by your thoughts, the development of good habits , and the ability to transform your character. As discussed in a previous blog about the Laws of the Universe , I refer to a passage about how to master the Law of Cause and Effect in my week 8 mke blog:

Master the Law of Cause and Effect

To become a master of your destiny, you must master your mind. Everything in your reality is a mental creation. This law applies in the spiritual, mental and the physical worlds. When you focus on your chosen goals with intention using creative visualization, you create in the physical world a manifestation in the spiritual world . With Persistence, Practice , and Concentrated Efforts , (Law of Practice ) your thoughts will materialize in the physical world .

Exercise your Brain

I have read other blogs this week that spoke about exercising the muscles of the brain for success. I borrowed this picture off the internet . The power of thought is a creative power which you can train and strengthen to change your life and others .

According to Earl Nightingale who wrote the “The Strangest Secret” , success is a progressive realization of a worthy goal . His writing correlated with the 7 laws of the mind. People with goals succeed because they know where they are going(DMP, BBB). People fail due to conformity , not because of lack of courage (Faith ) .We become what we think about (DMP). A purpose determined by the will is strong and resilient (BBB). It becomes real by growing into a connection ( Neurons that are wired together, fire together ) so it becomes real . The mind returns what seeds you plant( Law of growth). With happiness and harmony (Haanel) we can easily pursue our goals. Eliminate negative thoughts (law of substitution, Mental Diet). Success is measured by the amount of service we give (law of growth , law of giving , Emerson – the more you give and the more you receive) . Have no fears about money ( law of Dual Thought , Confidence , BBB) . Persistence and repeat it ( law of practice, Og scroll111) Eventually it gets to your subconscious mind due to the demand ( law of subconscious ) . The way that you pay attention to your thoughts and take action will determine your success !

I was able to view the movie ” October sky ” which was a great success story that reinforced everything we have learned and validated our DMP and BBB. The story is about a boy and his friends that formed a Rocket man team . They had a vision and a dream (DMP) . They were always thinking (POA, Masterminding) about ways to find parts , how to create the rockets and where to fire them. They were also constantly thinking about how to improve them (Plan of Action). They had persistent thoughts that put into practice what they were thinking about. Despite the opposition of their parents and the community initially , they found ways to achieve their goals with the help of others in order to succeed (BBB, DMP) . They were able to apply knowledge of Physics ( Haanel, “knowledge doesn’t apply itself”) . They had the determination and persistence to succeed( Og scroll 111). Their goal was to win the local science fair which then allowed them to enter the National Science Fair in Washington DC against all odds. Inevitably they won the prize and one of the boys became employed by NASA.

The power of thought is silent but powerful . Being positive , and perisitent with your actions help to achieve your goals. My plan of action this week is to clarify what I need to do , organize the results , and reflect daily on the most important things to advance my business . I am anxious to use NARC this week to reinforce my ability to find pleasure in the things that I am having trouble completing . According to Emerson, ” Our greatest glory is not in never failing , but in Rising up every time we fail “. I will persist and win!

Secrets of the Law of Attraction: The Flying Leap of Faith Wk #12MKE

This week I have been reading and reflecting about everything we have learned . The reading in Haanel this week spoke about the  Power of Thought with the Law of Attraction(love) you can be invincible.  If you are able to use the law correctly and use focused visualization on a specific goal and connect with the Omnipotent Universal Mind, all of your dreams will come true!  I have Faith , Love , and Belief, a Mark says its 100 % infallible, and I don’t doubt the Master. Is it an inexperienced operator or is it just ME? We also need to develop the brain cells in order to utilize the knowledge and power.  So why would I doubt the master Mark ? Despite the exercises and the reading of my DMP and doing all of the exercises , I’m still struggling with the implementation and action phase regarding my real estate business . I stated out after overcoming my initial fears and had some success  last year. I was meeting people , evaluating homes and making offers . Then I had some failure and wasn’t quite able to get over the hump to sign my first deal( even after having several homes under contract ).

I REALIZE that any success requires action and purpose . I have purpose but I seem to be stuck . I know that by my focused efforts  there WILL be opportunities that I must seize.  I have always had problems moving forward with things ( does this sound familiar ?) . Its not that I believe I will fail because I KNOW I will WIN and Persist.  (scroll 3) . Several resources that I have used have spoken about taking action in small pieces . I think I need a new approach .   I was reading a book “Getting things done “by David Allen.  The book talks about several strategies that are practical and help to make sense of our present digital world and the complexities of today’s society . Sometimes ,even despite our best efforts , life circumstances prevail and we loose focus of the things that we have to do. He discussed taking TWO minutes to think ( power of thought) to write down the problem that you are worrying about the most, and provide a final outcome. Then write down what the first thing you need to do in order to get started. This does not solve the problem and doesn’t make it go away , but it might help to ease the anxiety and wasted energy worrying about what to do . The mind needs a specific plan to work at maximal efficiency.  The other thing is that we need to know is :WHEN to Intervene ? . Usually we wait until we have a deadline and then create a significant amount of stress trying to get things done.  The Law of polarity described in the Kabbalah and referred to by Emerson  in the article on “Compensation”: things in nature have two extremes and operate as a pendulum going back and forth in cycles. We have to realize when the pendulum is swinging in a negative direction and make adjustments  BEFORE things become chaotic.

Brendon Buchard takes an approach of looking at your 3 biggest problems and describing small action steps to complete the process on a daily basis.  I know this stuff . Part of the issues for me involve finance and part of the problem is finding the courage to start up with agression. . With  the combination of OATS and some knowledge of the problem at hand I can direct my focus to something and have more productivity .

Is there more than one kind of visualization technique? Do I do something different if I want success in business or a new house or a dream vacation? I will stick to what Haanel teaches in the Master Key: Connect and focus with the Universal Mind and realize the power of thought and love. So I will continue to sit and have laser focus for my goals and utilize the 7 laws of the mind, the blue print builder and take precise action steps to achieve my goals using creative visualization as well as using  the 5 senses to make my dreams more real ! I have to continue to have the Faith. Belief, and the Confidence will follow !

Spiritual Transformation:Universal Mind connecting to the Physical and Spiritual world :Let it Be -WK#11 MKE

This week I was fascinated with the works of Swedenborg who along with Emerson and Haanel all speak about the Universal mind as it relates to spirituality and the Omnipresent . Haanel also wrote about Thought , Truth, Faith and Wisdom. As a theologian, Swedenborg said that the Bible should be read as a spiritual guidebook , and interpreted so that we can understand the spiritual truths behind the written words- (truths that open up when we are ready to receive them. ) He defined spiritual growth as a way to lead a better life. Reformation is a state of thought that occurs in our intellect . Regeneration is a state of love that occurs in our will which is brought about by the good actions from the good will. This video highlights some of the incredible aspects of Swedenborg’s life . His spiritual awakening, and travel through space connecting to “other spirits” on other planets will not be discussed in my blog.

Swedenborg’s world has a divinely established order with The very top representing the Lord in the Celestial Heaven . Heaven (one level below ) is where people who have lived good lives go after death; all of the angels there were once human beings on earth, just like all of the devils in hell were also human. The World of Spirits is one level below our Natural World where both good and evil spirits live; this is where people of all types gather first after death; we discover what truly lies inside of us. Our mind is in the spiritual world and is therefore influenced by good and evil spirits . We experience a pull daily in the form of positive thoughts and feelings vs negative self destructive ones ( “the struggles for the mind” ). This can lead to inner turmoil especially for people who are on a path for spiritual growth. The mind that lives in the natural world is made of both spiritual and earthly substances . When we die ,we become angels or spirits , but our mind remains unchanged. At the death of our body, we transfer consciousness from the natural to the spiritual world . Our mind is also our human spirit , Divine Love and Wisdom. Swedenborg describes the mind of man, which consists of the will and understanding, and has three levels: the natural mind, spiritual mind and a celestial mind. A person can’t be” elevated into and possess angelic wisdom “while living in the natural world. When we die we get wisdom from either the spiritual or the celestial level depending on which part of our mind most often flowed while we were in this world . The celestial portion of our mind receives love from God . ” Love God with all of your heart and soul ” . This part of the mind receives the divine wisdom – the ability to see heavenly light ( the offspring of divine love. ) .

Nothing can exist in the material world that does not have a correspondence with the spiritual world “. Everything in the material world is an effect. The cause of those effects lie in the spiritual world , and those causes lie in Deeper Heaven . Correspondence according to Swedenborg is about a dynamic relationship between Divine and Human love , and Divine Wisdom and Human Enlightenment . Divine love that permeates the universe is like the heat of the sun and Divine wisdom provides order to everything in the universe . Together they sustain all living things in the spiritual and natural worlds. If someone has a “sunny disposition”, Gods love is shining through . If somebody says “Now I see the light” or “they are enlightened ” they are using correspondence to describe how Gods presence is manifesting in people. Light always equals wisdom and water equals Truth . According to Haanel, the Truth is spiritual, is a vital principle of the Universe , and is Omnipresent .

The Universal Human

According to Swedenborg , God can be understood as “infinitely human”. Angels in Heaven live in communities that work together and perform functions which corresponds to an organ or system in the human body. The entire Angelic community is referred to as a single individual : the “Universal Human.

What makes a person human is THOUGHT and WILL, with the ability to receive God. Swedenborg speaks about the functions that the body performs : we take things in and keep what’s useful to sustain our lives , and eliminate the rest. In the book Secrets of Heaven, the systems of the human body are described in detail :

The digestive system is related to the process of dying in this world and crossing into the spiritual world. The mouth is the gateway into the spiritual world. People are absorbed into the body ( taken into heaven ) in part or whole . If they are self-centered or focused on material gain they move down into the esophagus and into the stomach where they meet another set of Angels who help them “confront who they really are inside .” If those people that committed evil allow the Lord’s energy to flow into them, they are absorbed and carried to communities to live and work. However, if they truly love Evil , then they continue to progress into the Intestines and the Rectum, where they are expelled into HELL. I love this analogy ! It stresses the need to improve oneself and love one another .

The two most important angelic communities in Heaven are the “Heart “and the “Lungs”. The heart community corresponds to the Heavenly Kingdom ( that closest to God) represents love and the will ( the part of our minds that moves us and causes us to take action . The “Lungs” or the air we breathe ( the part of the mind where we process information , Intellect or understanding) and corresponds to the Spiritual Kingdom representing the Lord’s wisdom . Love and Wisdom both circulate through the spiritual world into our world. Everyone works together in harmony moved by divine love and guided by divine wisdom .

At Birth , every human has a soul and a body , but only has a rudimentary mind with little consciousness. Our mind is made of spiritual substance. Our brain is physical matter . Our mind can never be seen because it is on a higher plane of existence. Even though our mind is made of spiritual substance , it is inferior to the soul . it doesn’t receive love or wisdom directly from God . Instead these things enter through the medium of the world of the spirits , by thoughts and feelings flowing in from its inhabitants. Our Soul, mind and body exist on separate levels; so does creation .

Law of Attraction:

The Law of Attraction : if you focus on something you want, will you get it ? (“that which ye pray for , ye shall receive “) The New thought movement :

New thought was about the connection of mind and body and the psychology behind the will and intellect . The law of the spiritual world is that people who do heartfelt good to another in that world receive the same good in return ( the laws of giving and receiving) . People who do evil receive the same evil in return . The law of Attraction is real , but only in the spiritual world . Evil spirits try to influence people to be miserable and hurt others ; we resist if we can (using the 7 laws of the mind ) . Evil spirits create their own hell . The communities of good people establish order and the welfare of the community .

Is it good for us to always get what we want? (Master Key prayers and exercises). If something bad happens to you , does it mean that you are thinking the wrong thoughts? If you don’t have material success , are you a bad person? Swedenborg feels that there are four categories of love with the Law of attraction : God love , Neighbor love, love for material goods of the world , self ego. The first two are of utmost importance . If we are being driven by self ego and love for material goods , we are blocking the flow of love from heaven. We need to let go and leave room for divine providence to lead us down the right path ( master key wk#12). Whatever your will is , your true intent is what truly matters. The more an angel or a person gives to another in the spirit of neighborly love, the more the giver receives as an influence from heaven . In giving to one who asks , a person is enriched . You can’t run out of love – the more you give , the more you get ( law of giving ). The more love you give and share , the more love there is in the world and the better off we all are. Within peace, lies Trust in the Lord, that he will take care of everything and lead to everything that’s good . (Trust and Faith ) When we believe this , then we fear nothing and have no worries about the future .

Good can also come from hardship. (Law of Substitution) and if we trust that the process can lead to a joyful end, then trust brings more peace than material wealth. Love and kindness always bring the greatest rewards (spiritual growth and law of giving and receiving ). In closing I want to refer to the song “Let it Be” by the beatles which has many meanings but it relates to me because of the need for peace , and love , as well as our need to relax , let go and connect with the Universal Mind! Listen to the words of the song and get your own interpretation of the words:

“Let it be ” performed by the Beatles

Christopher Chase wrote an article explaining the lyrics of the song” Let it Be” by the Beatles in 1969 written by Paul McCartney. It starts by saying how when he finds himself of times of trouble , “Mother Mary” comes to him . Paul’s mother was also named Mary ,and he was thinking about his mother ;others feel that he referred to the Virgin Mary. The words ” Mary comes like an angel whispering to him these wise words “– “let it Be ” means let go or relax and don’t worry about your troubles . The words of comfort remind us not to think about sad things , and accept the things that have happened already in the past ( what we do when we sit and focus and connect our minds to the universe and when we use the 7 laws of the mind ). ( Dealing with the old Blueprint) . Then he sings about “all the broken hearted people in the world” and people who hate each other and are at war ( there was violence in Ireland, and the Vietnam war .) “Although they may be parted , there is still a chance that they will see “( see the light of the Lord , “see” being intellect and understanding ) . “There will be an answer, Let it Be” . This time it means ,” let it happen “; make the world a happier , more peaceful place . This song for me makes me think about Divine Love , Wisdom and Faith. This is Paul’s vision for peace. Gavin in his blog several weeks ago referred to John Lennon’s song” Imagine ” . Both songs give us hope for peace and love !

Charles Haanel said “Whatever you desire for yourself , affirm it for others, and it will help both of you . If we send out thoughts of love and health , they return to us. The amazing thing about Haanel and Swedenborg is that their writings are still applicable today !


What do I want ? What do I want to be when I grow UP ? I’m already grown up and I believe its time to figure this out . It’s only been my whole life ! The master key readings were about the application of knowledge and that it doesn’t “fall in your lap” ! I do believe that I have had major growth over the past 10 weeks like so many others. I ask myself , why am I here? When we were told to use numerous combinations of index cards and shuffle them as an exercise to determine what is the best combination for our purpose , it reminded me of an old television show “Whats My Line “. The show involves a panel of experts that guess what kind of unusual work and purpose somebody has . The first 25 seconds are a jumbled conglomeration of different body parts that illustrate my point :

The master key experience is about finding your way and your path to a more fulfilled life . The weekly questions are : “What do you really want to do ?”and” What is your purpose ?”

An article written by Simon T. Bailey in Success magazine about finding your purpose resonated with me. He wrote the book ,Shift your Brilliance : Harness the power of you . (His blog address is: .) Three questions were asked : 1)” What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”2) ” What would you do even if nobody paid you “? (I have often thought about working for the Peace Corp or practicing medicine in a third world country).”3)What makes you come alive?” These are all great questions that I want to find the answers for as well. In my heart I have always enjoyed teaching ,counseling, educating, and motivating others ! When I was growing up I was looking for external validation in order to feel confident . I have achieved many successful things in my career as a practicing physician for many years , giving lectures , educating nurses , students , and patients and was fortunate to be able to travel for business and pleasure. Despite the success , there was definitely something missing from my life . I was real to my patients and my job but had difficulty juggling career, family and friends . Despite my passion for my career , I believe that there were times that I was quite self -absorbed and it alienated me from many people. I agree that we have to choose and sacrifice because we can’t do everything !

I left medicine because of dissatisfaction , lack of personal time , burnout and control by insurance companies on guidelines for treatment and reimbursements . I decided to work with my father and brother who had a very successful family business in the lumber and construction industry . We were told to think of people that we admire in our webinar . I admire my father because of his determination to succeed, will to live , and a positive mindset to never give up( sounds like the MKE) . He survived many near- death experiences last year, and lives life to its fullest potential . He still works 7 days a week and will soon be 97! I am so grateful for every day that he is alive ! Medicine is still in my heart but I have elected to pursue other avenues and chose Wholesale Real Estate . I was looking for autonomy with the ability to help people and utilize my social personal skills.

Several years ago , I was fortunate to study with a life coach for personal development. The idea was to help me define my goals and my purpose . Despite a tremendous gain in skills and knowledge , I still didn’t have the answer or the motivation to live my purpose successfully !

Simon Bailey mentions 4 points regarding purpose :

1)Pique your curiosity . I have always been someone that read motivational books and read books by people that inspired me ,including Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins . Real validation of your character comes” from within , building unshakable confidence and authenticity” !

2)Ignite your Intuition ... you don’t know why but you do it and somehow it works out. Follow your instincts and your heart and be purpose driven .

3) Evaluate the core areas of your life . They are mind and body , family and friends, spirituality , finances and career. The lecture had different categories but included family , spirituality, fun and activities, career , and social . These categories are unique to you . Ask yourself : “How are you doing in your core areas of life?” “Are you excelling in some but not others? ” ” What are your special talents, skills , and abilities?” “What are your positive qualities ?” I wrote down all of my positive qualities , all of my wants and desires, and studied my color code ( I’m a white with a strong secondary color of blue). I am planing to “shuffle the deck of index cards” in order to find which characteristics and qualities resonate with me the most . I’m planning to attend Mark’s seminar in Boston to help me master my deficiencies in my colors and to study my strengths.

4)Develop High- Impact Habits : Living purposefully requires great habits . These are the behaviors and actions that move you the farthest and the fastest in the direction of your heart. Manage your time and energy (OATS). Meditation (centers your energy ), Exercise ( invigorates your body ) and Reading aloud ( Focus with Enthusiasm ) can increase your confidence !

Brenden Bouchard , author of the book High Performance Habits , writes about daily activities to increase your productivity by breaking things down into small action steps; He recommends frequently re- evaluating your action steps and accomplishments daily , weekly , and monthly !

What do I do to Help me get my Purpose ?

Ask yourself : How can I use my purpose to make a difference? Actively seek your purpose daily . Its not always obvious or clear . Seek guidance from others who can help you ( mastermind)/ MKE . Read books that speak to you . Open your mind and your heart to the possibilities of the universe ; pay attention to the people who show up . They can teach you a lesson or help you on your path . Keep knocking on opportunity that you intuitively believe is for you . You need to push the ” door open” and walk through daily; do not be afraid to fail . Its expected. Og says in the third scroll , “keep persisting despite failure” . Believe within your heart and spirit that this is why you are here and take small steps daily . Make the decision and make choices that bring into your life the things that will help you fulfill your purpose . Each step , whether it’s right or wrong will teach you something and lead you closer to your goal .

. According to Dan Sullivan , and Ben Hardy , we need to Own Our Truth and Own Our Unique Situation . In order to change , YOU must change . OWN what you really want and tell the world ( “I will visualize and share my new reality daily as a service to others .”) Start telling people what is going to happen to you now! Courage is the willingness to fail and the key to being vulnerable; this is at the heart of telling the truth . Courage is action so make a commitent and” DO IT NOW” on a daily basis . Do something that refelects your future self . Once you admit to yourself to who you really want to be , you will be more compelled to act the part. Write , talk , visualize it( creative visualization) and take emotion filled steps forward ( enthusiasm) . Then you can live as the person you intend to be . You need greater compassion and empathy to negotiate your relationships and your environment. Design an environment that reminds you and triggers you to be the person you want to be. Daily practice ( exercises ) help to trigger your new identity .” Design beats will power ” Go to bed with a purpose and wake up with intention. Eric Worre ( a known author and networker ) just tweeted this today ! Write down your goals and desires every morning to be intentional to cause more peak experiences ; this helps you be more confident and courageous in the pursuit of the life you really want and not the one that you have had previously .

What is my purpose NOW?

I am still searching but getting closer . The master key , mastermind , and the principles learned about looking within have helped me to discover and recreate my new image and external world . I NOW have the basis to discover my Truth and Pursue my spiritual , mental and physical goals ! If I can follow these steps purposefully and consciously, ( and subconciously) every day , I am optimistic that I will be able to live my life on purpose and have a purposeful life !

Through the master key, I have had spiritual and mental growth applying knowledge and my thoughts. I was never able to control the outcomes of my emotions before and was not willing to pay the price to develop a character and spirit of excellence! When I really thought about my definite major purpose (DMP), and was able to control my emotions, and be truthful with myself and others, I was able to give more and feel love towards everyone. I finally experienced true growth and purpose !

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