What do I want ? What do I want to be when I grow UP ? I’m already grown up and I believe its time to figure this out . It’s only been my whole life ! The master key readings were about the application of knowledge and that it doesn’t “fall in your lap” ! I do believe that I have had major growth over the past 10 weeks like so many others. I ask myself , why am I here? When we were told to use numerous combinations of index cards and shuffle them as an exercise to determine what is the best combination for our purpose , it reminded me of an old television show “Whats My Line “. The show involves a panel of experts that guess what kind of unusual work and purpose somebody has . The first 25 seconds are a jumbled conglomeration of different body parts that illustrate my point :

The master key experience is about finding your way and your path to a more fulfilled life . The weekly questions are : “What do you really want to do ?”and” What is your purpose ?”

An article written by Simon T. Bailey in Success magazine about finding your purpose resonated with me. He wrote the book ,Shift your Brilliance : Harness the power of you . (His blog address is: https://www.success.com/author/simon-t-bailey .) Three questions were asked : 1)” What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”2) ” What would you do even if nobody paid you “? (I have often thought about working for the Peace Corp or practicing medicine in a third world country).”3)What makes you come alive?” These are all great questions that I want to find the answers for as well. In my heart I have always enjoyed teaching ,counseling, educating, and motivating others ! When I was growing up I was looking for external validation in order to feel confident . I have achieved many successful things in my career as a practicing physician for many years , giving lectures , educating nurses , students , and patients and was fortunate to be able to travel for business and pleasure. Despite the success , there was definitely something missing from my life . I was real to my patients and my job but had difficulty juggling career, family and friends . Despite my passion for my career , I believe that there were times that I was quite self -absorbed and it alienated me from many people. I agree that we have to choose and sacrifice because we can’t do everything !

I left medicine because of dissatisfaction , lack of personal time , burnout and control by insurance companies on guidelines for treatment and reimbursements . I decided to work with my father and brother who had a very successful family business in the lumber and construction industry . We were told to think of people that we admire in our webinar . I admire my father because of his determination to succeed, will to live , and a positive mindset to never give up( sounds like the MKE) . He survived many near- death experiences last year, and lives life to its fullest potential . He still works 7 days a week and will soon be 97! I am so grateful for every day that he is alive ! Medicine is still in my heart but I have elected to pursue other avenues and chose Wholesale Real Estate . I was looking for autonomy with the ability to help people and utilize my social personal skills.

Several years ago , I was fortunate to study with a life coach for personal development. The idea was to help me define my goals and my purpose . Despite a tremendous gain in skills and knowledge , I still didn’t have the answer or the motivation to live my purpose successfully !

Simon Bailey mentions 4 points regarding purpose :

1)Pique your curiosity . I have always been someone that read motivational books and read books by people that inspired me ,including Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins . Real validation of your character comes” from within , building unshakable confidence and authenticity” !

2)Ignite your Intuition ... you don’t know why but you do it and somehow it works out. Follow your instincts and your heart and be purpose driven .

3) Evaluate the core areas of your life . They are mind and body , family and friends, spirituality , finances and career. The lecture had different categories but included family , spirituality, fun and activities, career , and social . These categories are unique to you . Ask yourself : “How are you doing in your core areas of life?” “Are you excelling in some but not others? ” ” What are your special talents, skills , and abilities?” “What are your positive qualities ?” I wrote down all of my positive qualities , all of my wants and desires, and studied my color code ( I’m a white with a strong secondary color of blue). I am planing to “shuffle the deck of index cards” in order to find which characteristics and qualities resonate with me the most . I’m planning to attend Mark’s seminar in Boston to help me master my deficiencies in my colors and to study my strengths.

4)Develop High- Impact Habits : Living purposefully requires great habits . These are the behaviors and actions that move you the farthest and the fastest in the direction of your heart. Manage your time and energy (OATS). Meditation (centers your energy ), Exercise ( invigorates your body ) and Reading aloud ( Focus with Enthusiasm ) can increase your confidence !

Brenden Bouchard , author of the book High Performance Habits , writes about daily activities to increase your productivity by breaking things down into small action steps; He recommends frequently re- evaluating your action steps and accomplishments daily , weekly , and monthly !

What do I do to Help me get my Purpose ?

Ask yourself : How can I use my purpose to make a difference? Actively seek your purpose daily . Its not always obvious or clear . Seek guidance from others who can help you ( mastermind)/ MKE . Read books that speak to you . Open your mind and your heart to the possibilities of the universe ; pay attention to the people who show up . They can teach you a lesson or help you on your path . Keep knocking on opportunity that you intuitively believe is for you . You need to push the ” door open” and walk through daily; do not be afraid to fail . Its expected. Og says in the third scroll , “keep persisting despite failure” . Believe within your heart and spirit that this is why you are here and take small steps daily . Make the decision and make choices that bring into your life the things that will help you fulfill your purpose . Each step , whether it’s right or wrong will teach you something and lead you closer to your goal .

. According to Dan Sullivan , and Ben Hardy , we need to Own Our Truth and Own Our Unique Situation . In order to change , YOU must change . OWN what you really want and tell the world ( “I will visualize and share my new reality daily as a service to others .”) Start telling people what is going to happen to you now! Courage is the willingness to fail and the key to being vulnerable; this is at the heart of telling the truth . Courage is action so make a commitent and” DO IT NOW” on a daily basis . Do something that refelects your future self . Once you admit to yourself to who you really want to be , you will be more compelled to act the part. Write , talk , visualize it( creative visualization) and take emotion filled steps forward ( enthusiasm) . Then you can live as the person you intend to be . You need greater compassion and empathy to negotiate your relationships and your environment. Design an environment that reminds you and triggers you to be the person you want to be. Daily practice ( exercises ) help to trigger your new identity .” Design beats will power ” Go to bed with a purpose and wake up with intention. Eric Worre ( a known author and networker ) just tweeted this today ! Write down your goals and desires every morning to be intentional to cause more peak experiences ; this helps you be more confident and courageous in the pursuit of the life you really want and not the one that you have had previously .

What is my purpose NOW?

I am still searching but getting closer . The master key , mastermind , and the principles learned about looking within have helped me to discover and recreate my new image and external world . I NOW have the basis to discover my Truth and Pursue my spiritual , mental and physical goals ! If I can follow these steps purposefully and consciously, ( and subconciously) every day , I am optimistic that I will be able to live my life on purpose and have a purposeful life !

Through the master key, I have had spiritual and mental growth applying knowledge and my thoughts. I was never able to control the outcomes of my emotions before and was not willing to pay the price to develop a character and spirit of excellence! When I really thought about my definite major purpose (DMP), and was able to control my emotions, and be truthful with myself and others, I was able to give more and feel love towards everyone. I finally experienced true growth and purpose !


This week the reading of the Master keys was about the Law of Growth . Creative visualization helps us to see the spiritual truth . By practice of visualizing a seed that sprouts and grows into a full flower is a metaphor for us to realize that one can harvest and nurture our own ” seeds” to improve all areas of our personal life . The Law of Growth is the Universal Law which implies that something is constantly growing and is determined by the kind and quality of “seeds “you plant . The “seed” is determined by the amount of energy projected. What you plant subconsciously becomes conscious and purposeful and determines what you harvest in each area of your life .

The following are excerpts from the book , The 15 Laws of Growth by John Maxwell. He talks about improving yourself , being intentional about your growth, and to start to be the person you wish to become now! The longer you wait , the more likely that it won’t happen ; no matter how you feel. DO IT NOW and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This started out as a review of the principles of this book . As I read further , I was able to link it the Master Key , the BPB, our DMP , OG , and our daily exercises !

Law of Intentionality : DO IT NOW ! Face your fears and have FAITH that you will conquer them . Change from accidental growth to intentional growth . Take Risks !

Law of Awareness: How to find your passion and purpose: What would you like to do ? Follow your heart . Do you know people who do what you like? Be teachable and follow their advice .(mastermind ) Will you pay the price and sacrifice (DMP)? When can you start ;why not now ? (BPB, DMP) Where do you need to grow?

Law of the Mirror: Do you like what you see in the mirror ? (the guy or gal in the glass) . Invest in yourself and realize that you are worth investing in yourself. Don’t live your life according to what other people expect of you or think about you ( the old blueprint) . Love yourself (the guy or gal in the glass) .

What are the steps to build your self image and confidence:(BPB) : 1)NO NEGATIVE SELF TALK (mind diet). . 2)Stop comparing yourself to others; you become discouraged. . 3)Move beyond your limiting beliefs and believe that you will be great 4)Add value to others and be true to yourself. 5)Celebrate small victories. 6)What you focus on expands (Law of attraction ). Know that you matter .

Law of Reflection : Create a place where you can reflect daily . Investigate all truths. Reflection turns experience into insight . Pause with intention . Let the ideas that come up simmer in your mind ( creative visualization ).

Law of Consistency : Motivation gets you going and discipline keeps you going ( daily exercises) . Have patience and Practice (5 P’s) and set daily goals and habits (daily exercises) . Do you procrastinate ?(get to know your future self) Do you require coaxing to do small chores ?(service card) .Do you start small projects and abandon them ?( service card). Habits of success lead to habits of destiny !(Universal mind ).

Law of Environment: It’s impossible to grow without change ! Change your attitude (” I great this day with love in my heart “)(mind diet ). What dreams inspire you ? (dream board ). Change yourself and your environment to accelerate your growth and success. Change who you spend your time with . Spend time with people in your reference group ( your mastermind ) Find an accountability partner ( mastermind). Create deadlines and make your goals public ( DMP). Don’t worry about your past . Move forward despite criticism (the old blueprint)

Law of Design: Spend time reviewing your calendar , and scheduled appointments (OATS) Take charge of your life (BPB) Be consistent in your approach.

Law of Pain: Make good changes after learning from bad experience and always find the good from the bad(law of substitution ). You can choose your emotional state (mind diet ).

Law of the Ladder: Use mastermind groups ! Honesty is the character that enhances personal relationships (BPB) You need to trust yourself (BPB) . Before you can DO, you must BE (“I WILL BE WHAT I WILL TO BE“) Follow the golden rule because people matter ( ‘I greet this day with love in my heart’). Value humility above everything else (BPB). Be willing to serve others and be teachable . BE GRATEFUL.

Law of the Rubberband: Focus on building a Legacy (PPN). Have the courage to take risks (BPB). Strive to be better tomorrow than you are today (mind diet ). Growth stops when you lose the tension from where you were and where you want to be.

Law of Tradeoffs: Successfully make good tradeoffs ( law of substitution) . We don’t always get what we want but we always get what we choose (DMP) If WE can’t change the situation, we CAN change ourselves. Give up immediate gratification for personal growth . Explore and develop your leadership skills . Equip other people with service (BPB).

Law of Curiosity : Believe that you can be curious ! Spend time with others (mastermind ). Embrace failure . Focus most of your time on the solution (85%) (mind diet)

Law of Modeling: Learn from books and connect with people. Find a good mentor ( master key ) Find mentors in different areas of your life to aide your journey and success ( mastermind )

Law of Expansion : The potential within us is limitless(BPB). Act on your dreams and formulate the details ( press release ) . If you can CHANGE your thinking , you can change your life (BPB , DMP) (Creative visualization). DO MORE, & GIVE MORE (law of giving ). Believe you can DO IT and have FAITH . Learn and follow healthy guidelines (true health ). Model generosity and invest in solid relationships (BPB)(mastermind )

Law of Contribution : Growing yourself enables others to grow (BPB, Law of Flow), Help others because we are all one ( universal mind ). Be grateful and give away valuable information and provide service ( TRUST- BPB). Always give more than you receive ( law of giving and receiving) . Define success as sowing (Harvest your personal seeds ) and not reaping ! Focus on SELF -development and NOT SELF- fulfillment. Focus on how something helps you serve others (law of giving and receiving) . Keep growing to keep giving . The greatest gift that you can give others is your own personal development – your life belongs to the community ( legacy, DMP, BPB). Put people first in your life .


My thoughts on the Law of growth involves using the principles learned in the master key , doing our daily exercises , repeating our DMP, reading the BPB , being a part of mastermind groups, practicing the law of giving and receiving , and studying the laws of the mind ! Harvesting your “ seeds “daily to grow a beautiful garden and develop your mind, body and spirit for success !


” We are all connected to each other , biologically to the earth , chemically, to the rest of the universe, atomically. I find it elevating and exhilarating to discover that we live in a universe”. ….. .There are 12 spiritual laws of the Universe : The first law is The law of Oneness : This is the foundational law which everything in the universe is connected . What we think , say and do and Believe , has a corresponding effect on others and the universe . WE are Spirits in the material world, song by the police. https://youtu.be/cjBAJpTJlZc Week 8 was an amazing realization of all of the mind principles and laws coming together . I was reading the laws of the mind and following the 7 day diet and then in my research I had my AH HA MOMENT! I didn’t understand how they worked and the depth of why they worked……

Let’s start at the Beginning

When you don’t understand the connections between the spiritual laws , you encounter obstacles . You feel lost , frustrated , and confused about your purpose . once you are aware of them you feel more confident , productive and reflective .


There are 7 universal Laws (Hermetic Philosophic Laws) by which the Universe is governed . These are based on the pursuit of Gnosticism – ancient religious ideas and systems pertaining to spiritual mysteries used by both Ancient Egypt and Greece dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. These themes and ideas would get you killed for heresy and blasphemy at the time and were discussed in whispered tones and passed down from a master to a student in moments of extreme trust. The first three are immutable , eternal Laws and they are” Absolute “- meaning that they can never be changed ; the last four are Transitory, mutable Laws and they can be “better used” to create your ideal reality . According to the Kybalion, “the Universe exists by virtue of these Laws , which forms its framework and holds it together.” Knowledge of these laws as well as the Law of Attraction is necessary to consciously and intentionally transform your life in the direction you choose, and create your new reality and achieve true mastery “

1) Law of Mentalism ( Immutable ) The truth that “All is Mind “meaning that the “Universe itself , at an underlying level is Mental.” All phenomenon of life , matter and energy of the universe are thoughts of an infinite and Universal Mind which is of infinite intelligence and the nature of conscious thought. All energy manifests from the Universal Mind. This Principle explains the true nature of “ENERGY,POWER, and MATTER. Your reality is a manifestation of your mind . This is true MIND POWER.

The old Hermetic masters wrote:

” He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on the Path to Mastery .Without this Master- Key, Mastery is impossible, and the student knocks in vain at the many doors of the temple “

2)The Law of Correspondence (Immutable ) “As above , so below ,as below , so above “. There is harmony between the physical, spiritual and mental realms. There is no separation since everything in the universe originates from one source. There is a correspondence between the laws and a phenomenon of various planes that manifest as being and life. We can solve problems by deducing what exists a layer above or below the surface to infer a pattern of what lies in -between . “KNOW THYSELF AND THOU SHALT KNOW ALL OF THE MYSTERIES OF THE GODS AND THE UNIVERSE.”

3)The Law of Vibration ( immutable) “Nothing rests,. everything vibrates. The Universe is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies . From the ALL, which is pure Spirit , down to the grossest form of matter , all is in vibration – the higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale with the Spirit the highest . The spirit is so infinitely rapid and the lowest form of matter is so slow that they both are practically at rest. The Law of Attraction has its foundation in this law .: like energy attracts like energy . All of our thoughts and emotions are also vibrations . You can learn to control your mental vibrations at will . This is thought power.

4)The Law of Polarity ( Mutable ) : The Principle of Duality “Everything is dual , everything has poles ; everything has its pair of opposites; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree.” There are two sides to everything . Things that may appear to be opposites are really just extremes of the same thing . Heat and cold are in truth varying degrees of the same thing . This applies to light and darkness , energy and matter , love and hate ,good and evil , and fear and courage . Where does one leave off and the other one begin ?

Rising above the Law of Polarity

This law only operates in the physical and mental realm , not the spiritual.

By focusing on the good even when things appear to be going badly, then in time you will arise above the the Law. It is possible to change the level of vibrations in ones own mind and in others.


5)The law of Rhythmn( mutable) Everything flows out and in , the pendulum -swing manifests in everything right and left . This is seen in the waves of the ocean , business cycles , swaying of your thoughts , and in your personal success and failures. This law is manifest in the creation and destruction of worlds, the rise and fall of nations, and in the mental states of man . The Hermetists apply the Mental Law of Neutralization . The Masters can USE the law and consciously with the use of the WILL attain Poise and Mental Firmness not achieved by the masses who swing back and forth like a pendulum that never rests.

Rising above the Law of Rhythm

Become aware of the subtle start of the backward movement of your endeavors whether it is to improve your health , your finances, your relationships, or any goal! When you feel that the Law is starting to draw you back , do not be discouraged or fearful. Knowing that you are one with the omnipotent Universal Mind, for which nothing is impossible , keep your thoughts focused on your outcome and fight to remain positive no matter how far this transitory Law pulls you ! Even if your efforts meet with failure , find comfort that by virtue of this Law , the upward motion must start again . In time ,the backward movements become less negative and you raise yourself higher.

The Law of Cause and Effect ( Mutable ) Every cause has its effects ; every effect has its cause . Every one of your thoughts has its origin in your inner or mental world : Thought power. Every one of your thoughts , words or actions , sets a specific effect in motion, which will come to materialize over time .” Everything happens according to Law ,” and nothing ever ‘merely happens,’ and there is no such thing as Chance” – the Kybalian . SHIT DOESN’T HAPPEN ? The masses of people are carried along , obedient to environment , the wills and desires of others stronger , and other outward movements. The Masters become MOVERS They help to PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE instead of being played and moved about by others wills and environments . They obey the causation of the higher planes , but they help to RULE on their own plane .

Master the Law of Cause and Effect

To become a master of your destiny, you must master your mind. EVERYTHING in your reality is a mental creation. This law applies on all three planes of Existence : the spiritual, the mental and the physical . The spiritual plane cause and effect are instantaneous; the other two planes have a time and space lag between the cause and the eventual effect . When you focus on your chosen goals with intention using creative visualization, what you create in the physical world is automatically manifested in the spiritual world , and with PERSEVERANCE, PRACTICE , AND CONCENTRATED THOUGHT , it will come to materialize in the physical world . This is profound!!

The Law of Gender: Gender is in everything , and has its Masculine and Feminine Principles . The law works in Creation , Generation, and Regeneration. This affects the Mental ,Spiritual and Physical planes. The principle affects animals and plants, minerals , and electrons . Although these elements are ‘sexist,’ the male elements listed are energy , self reliance, logic and intellect , and female elements are love , patience , intuition , and gentleness . There is no room for sex , lust or perversion by the Hermetists .

The Law of attraction Explained

This law was not mentioned in the 7 laws but it is the most important one because it holds everything together . You attract into your life those things , circumstances and conditions that correspond with the nature of your dominant , habitual thoughts and beliefs ( conscious and subconscious ). Like energy attracts like energy . The law of vibration states: we vibrate at different frequencies. Your dominant frequency is determined by your dominant mental attitude. A positive mental attitude attracts positive experiences and circumstances . You need to have a definite purpose (DMP) which becomes a necessity (burning desire) and not a luxury . To consciously attract that which you choose into your life , you need to bring the energy of your thoughts and your actions into vibrational harmony with your choice (perfect health or success). Creative visualization is the technique to reprogram your subconscious mind and attract those circumstances that you consciously choose. The knowledge of the law empowers you to take full responsibility for your current conditions by understanding the attraction POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS. By taking responsibility for your LIFE, you grant yourself the power to change it . There is no judgement whether a thought is good or bad. You submit your criteria via habitual thoughts and beliefs and the law brings your perfect vibratory match . You don’t have to learn to work to apply the law since it’s already working in your life . Your primary goal is to adjust your mental attitude by changing your predominant thoughts and beliefs . To master your life , you must master your mind.

Problems with the Law of Attraction :

It takes time and repeated efforts for your subconscious emotional vibrations to catch up to your new mental focus . Your negative beliefs affect your circumstances . The law of polarity has a role in creating your circumstances. The law is dual so you attract the whole spectrum of something . You can’t attract financial abundance without the potential for lack , and you can’t attract success without the potential for failure. The net effect of the two laws working together in the face of subconscious negative beliefs , is that at best your circumstances are left unchanged and that at worst , you attract more of what you don’t want. If you are attracting more of the same circumstances that you don’t want , then a negative belief rather than your mental focus is determining your outcome . How do you bypass your negative beliefs and free your subconscious mind to attract what you want to experience ?

If you have the “opposite” of what you want in life , the chances are that you probably have an existing negative belief to what you want . The laws work well together if you already have a positive belief ( running a marathon if you are already healthy ) . The answer is to place your focus on something that is by -product of what you want but not specifically what you want . Example : if you want to have lots of money , focus on giving money away or giving and receiving expensive gifts . This keeps your subconscious mind from fighting your conscious mental focus and ensures the creation of your intended outcome , as it helps you to transmute or change your negative beliefs into their positive equivalents.

What about Emersons article on compensation? After understanding the other laws I realized that the article was about the law of Polarity , the law of rhythm and the Law of Cause and effect !

These are the laws not mentioned : The law of inspired Action , the Law of perpetual transmutation of energy , The Law of Compensation and The Law of Relativity .

What does all this mean ?

Obviously we are on the proper course for training the subconscious mind with creative visualization and habits , and working on our definite purpose to make it a necessity . WE ARE ALL CONNECTED THROUGH THE UNIVERSAL MIND . This ALL makes sense and its all amazing !

Resouces: https://www.mind-your-reality.com by Tania Kotsos

The Science of Being by Baron Eugene Ferson

The Kybalion

The Hermetic Revival : 7 Ancient Principles for Self Mastery by Colton Swab

Week 7 MKE “Turn it Off ” My 7 day Mental Mind Diet


What a mentally stimulating and emotionally challenging week ; but quite eye opening and meaningful! The song from the show “The Book of Mormon” looks at mind control simplistically and provides a matter of fact and comical solution. Two phrases :”when you start to get confused because of thoughts in your head , don’t FEEL those feelings , hold them in instead… TURN IT OFF , like a light switch and go CLICK, it’s a cool little Mormon trick .” “When you’re feeling certain feelings that don’t seem right , treat those pesky feelings like a reading light and TURN IT OFF”. This is not easy to do and by no means a permanent solution. I DO agree that a mental diet is life changing and agree with EMMETT. I feel that it’s not just a matter of using the “law of substitution ” or the “law of dual thought ” and “avoiding negativity with negative people and negative thoughts”. I feel that we need to really understand WHY and HOW to get to the root of the problem: BE a “master of your emotions and master your life”


So what is it all about ? I feel it’s very complicated and requires massive work! According to the readings from the Master Key , that if we control the negativity and feelings of jealousy and anger , then we realize the power of the universal mind and can have unlimited potential .

I had two issues this week : I woke up and was mean to my dad. Let me clarify…I woke up in an angry mood and I said… whoa .. I’m sorry dad. The next day I woke up with “love in my heart” as suggested by Gavin ,and according to Og in Scroll II . What a great beginning to my day. I went to work and I unfortunately arrived a little late. My coworker was upset . I had to leave about 90 minutes later to take my father to a doctor appointment ; as I drove out of the parking lot , I see her mouth the words “you are an asshole”! Normally I say “I love you ” and smile . But this time, I tried the law of substitution ” thinking about God and then tried to look at shapes , and think of good times , etc. BUT.. I felt horrible! The thoughts and feelings lingered. I said to myself, how can that person have such power over my emotions? So I started my diet over . I was OK with that . Am I missing something ?

According to Stephen James ,an entrepreneur and life coach , there are 4 benefits to a mind diet: 1) We become aware of habitual, mental and emotional patterns that hold us back. 2) This diet makes your brain search for empowering alterations to our patterns and emotions. 3) This diet gives you an incredible sense of confidence; with success you can turn your life around. 4) This diet creates new habits and new expectations that help you expand more than you could ever believe.

The RULES according to Emmet Fox and James : 1) Refuse to dwell on any unresourceful thoughts or feelings. Don’t indulge on any disempowering questions or metaphors . 2) When you catch yourself , you are to immediately snap out of it and change your thinking state . “TURN IT OFF “? Not exactly . Re frame any negative thoughts that come up . For example , “you suck ” becomes “I’m awesome “! 3) Focus on solutions and not problems. “NEVER SPEND MORE THAN 10% OF YOUR TIME ON THE PROBLEM, AND SPEND AT LEAST 90% OF YOUR TIME ON THE SOLUTION “
4)If you catch yourself indulging or dwelling on a thought , do not beat yourself up. There is no problem as long as you change immediately . However, if the thought lingers , then we start again.

According to Tony Robbins the author of the book Awaken the Giant Within , we are the source of our emotions ( the emotional triad).

There are three factors that determine our emotions: 1) Physiology- what do we feel from moment to moment. Passion, confidence , depression, are examples but we can choose how we feel . We feel depressed and then get a phone call and then we are happy several minutes later. Anna wrote in her blog that she experienced African dance which thrilled her . “Emotion is created by Motion ” 2) Focus- what we focus on is what we feel . Using the “law of abundance ” if we focus on debt we suffer debt, but if we focus on wealth and happiness then this will come to us. What’s wrong is always available ,and so is what’s right . 3)Language – mind and body. We can use body postures that are empowering (wonder women pose), and phrases that empower us. We can feel any feeling that we want to feel. It’s based on how we interpret the situation in our life and the meaning that we associate with it .

How do we deal with our Negative Emotions

Most people deal with emotions by Denial , or Avoidance .We put off the emotions we want to experience ,instead of realizing the truth : We can learn and have insight to our emotions and feel those emotions NOW! According to James and Tony Robbins – the 6 steps to mastery :

1) Identify your true feelings 2)Acknowledge and appreciate your emotions knowing they support you 3)Get curious about the message the emotion is offering you to help you solve the challenge to prevent this from occurring in the future:”what could this mean?”, “what else do I want ?” ,”what do I need to believe to feel this way ?,” “what am I willing to do about it now?” 4)Get confident – the fastest most powerful way to handle any emotion is to remember a time how it was handled in the past :”what did I do back then?” If you do the same thing , you will get the same result . 5)Get certain that you can handle this today and in the future . Remember how you handled this negative emotion before and rehearse handling situations where this signal would come up : “What are 3 or 4 ways that I could change my perception when this comes up again ?”or What else could this mean ? “or “What’s great about this?” “What can I do to feel the way I want to ?” Your brain at first says “NOTHING!” but “if you push yourself and KEEP asking, you WILL come up with an answer!” 6) Get excited and take action . Get excited that you CAN handle this emotion and take some immediate action to prove that you have handled this . “When do you do this” ? “WHEN YOU FIRST FEEL IT!”

KILL THE MONSTER ! TURN IT OFF ! The song says “Imagine that your brain is made of tiny boxes and find the box that’s wrong and CRUSH IT! ( smile)

According to Tony Robbins , “every negative emotion has a message or a call to action its trying to give you . We want to identify the message and have a call to action referred to as “action signals.” I do highly recommend for the highly inquisitive minds that we ALL are to further enhance your knowledge and skills : https://projectlifemastery.com/control-your-emotions/

My conclusions and Interpretations

This DIET is not for the faint hearted and requires tremendous EFFORT and FOCUS! Obviously this will improve the more we Practice . Remember the 5 Ps- Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance .

James recommends to have an accountability partner and feels that a great morning routine is very important to establish the right mindset and mood !

George Harrison said it BEST “I got my mind set on you ” “https://youtu.be/_71w4UA2Oxo

I got my mind set on you …” This time I know it’s for real . The feelings that I feel . I know that if I put my mind to it , I know I really can do it “…. “It’s gonna take time , A whole lot of precious time. It’s gonna take patience and time, to Do IT , to Do IT , to Do IT , to DO IT , to DO It , to Do it RIGHT !

Week #6 MKMMA “All you need is Love”


There were so many positive experiences and random thoughts this week . The songs that played in my head this week were ” All you need is Love ” by the Beatles , and ‘Lucy in the sky with Diamonds ” also recorded by the Beatles . The first song is obvious due to the words of the second scroll about giving love to all humanity under all circumstances. The second song was triggered by the visual imagery of the shapes on my dashboard . I was thinking about the lyrics “picture yourself in a boat on the river”… and”marmelade skies’ which made me think about dreams and dream boards.

The second scroll helped me have one of my best weeks at work ever. My workplace is challenging with negativity , anger , jealousy , and ego . In Og the passage “love is my shield to repulse the arrows of hate and the spears of anger” resonated with me. The strategy to look someone in the eyes and answer them in silence with the words “I love you ” followed by a smile helped me to not be affected by the negative emotions of others! I was feeling great that I could observe peoples’ anger without feeling their emotions! The inside mind has to eliminate hatred and anger, in order to thrive!

Shapes, dream boards, colors and association of colors and patterns to smart goals and PPN’s was brilliant and mind bending. One of the most powerful strategies to trigger the’ mind within’ this week for me was placing a picture of the 4 shape patterns with goals and/or PPN’s written, on the car dashboard so that the reflection of the shapes was visible in the windshield” bombarding the subby” . What a feeling of joy I had . It is the same kind of thing that happens after you have a lightbulb flash in your eyes and you see images in front of your face . I had some challenges with the dream board and pictures because I coudn’t figure out how to put words inside the shapes ! The most successful ap to achieve this for me was powerpoint . After I put the text into my shapes , the printer wouldn’t work.

Focusing on a picture for 10 minutes and trying to remember the details was also challenging at first. Practice makes perfection .

Wearing a compass over my watch served as a good reminder to follow my heart and not the time. I’m always looking at my watch at work to record a specific time that individuals arrive to receive merchandise . When I looked at my wrist and saw the compass taped to my watch, I had a big smile and said , “YES , this is what I want” !

I enjoyed being a guest on the digital lecture on Monday night sharing my dream board with everybody ; I was surprised and felt special when I received a acknowledgement on the video summary . I thank you very much for the opportunity to share and be a part of the master key.

My DMP was rewritten on Tuesday ! After reading it for the last month and trying to inject enthusiasm into the words , I scraped it and put a lot more enthusiastic words . The result was .. WOW! In my interactions with others , i found out they also came to the same conclusion and and rewrote their DMP .Is this a mere coincidence or is it a connection of the universal mind?

The pattern association of shapes and colors this week allowed me to witness things that that I hadn’t previously recognized or acknowledged before , even though I have been driving the same road for months . The image and pattern just jumped into my mind and my vision !



What an amazing week . Things appear to fitting together like a puzzle . It seems as if things are happening by coincide . This morning I am looking for messages on my phone and the notes section that has my DMP written pops up . I didn’t prompt that and have no idea how that happened . Is it voodoo or magic 🤔. I feel so proud of the accomplishments this week . The shapes are starting to be everywhere that I never noticed before even though it was right in front of my eyes . For example the traffic lights are big yellow triangles that house the lights ! I was having trouble finding green triangles … but I had a duh moment ! The rectangles make two triangles if you draw a line diagonally and the green triangles are everywhere !! I’m in awe . As I. sit in my car crying with tears of joy and amazement . The brain is a powerful thing and once you control the power , the subby takes over . This is scary that my brain has been underutilized and things are happening .The experience in writing the Press release was fun and quite challenging . I did extensive research on Fiji . According to my DMP I was going on a cruise to Fiji with my family . However , I saw that Royal Carribean went to Fiji from Sydney and not Seattle . I also enjoyed finding pictures in Fiji to make the press release more real ! Emersons law of compensation was difficult to understand at first but after I listened to an audio book version to the words were less intimidating . The imagery that Emerson used was comical at times when he talked about men flying and his comments about crime and punishment . The important thing to realize is that one need to give more to receive more .

I enjoyed the Marco Polo and the mastermind alliance discussions learning about other peoples struggles. Then the no opinion was thrown on top of all of this and wow , what a head rush . I have been trying to zip my mouth , not give opinions , smile more and show love to all humanity not getting angry or upset with others to strengthen the mind within . This has been very difficult for me . I’m not an egotistical monster and I don’t try to force my opinions on people but I am noticing that I need to listen and not give my opinion unless I’m asked . To summarize , one incredible week and I’m anxiously awaiting this weeks episode . I seem to be more excited about my career and organizing things in my life ! I always keep my promises !

My MKMMA wk#4

Shapes , firing neurons , energy and flow…Nonetheless , a truly eye opening week .

Stimulate your mind to reprogram neurons and change your thoughts !

What a concept! “I can be what I will to be” is such a powerful statement to change our thought patterns and habits . The idea that we can rewire the circuits in our brain is an amazing concept to grasp .

This to me was a mind blowing concept ;our higher power is within each one of us .

The universal mind and the spiritual mind are connected . We connect to God and the power of spiritual energy lives inside each one of us .

Our thoughts are powerful and are capable of destroying fear and melancholia and all limitations replacing them with confidence , innovation , and enabling the ability to utilize hidden talents and harness positive energy .

This brings tears to my eyes and feelings of incredible power . Is this irony or destiny or both ? I continue the journey and my wild and crazy adventure with all of you .


I truly have no experience in this and this is trial by learning . This week the readings really made me sense the connection between the conscious and subconscious minds. I realized that one needs to control negativity to allow the creativity and positive energy to flow and keep harmony flowing : thus creating pleasurable experiences . If there is any negativity , there is chaos and disruption . One therefore has to control the negativity , anger and keep a steady emotional state, despite all of the hatred and jealousy that we face daily. . We sit and relax daily to maximize our energy flow and therefore learn how to control and harness this power! I had a very powerful realization and a light bulb went off in my head this week .( the picture above). I have faced many haters at work this week who have tried to disrupt my flow of energy and I have been trying to stay the course. I’m still having trouble sitting for long periods but its getting better . I am getting things done that I haven’t been able to touch for months and I feel positive and motivated to explore further nature of desire and strengthening the subconscious mind.

This has been a fantastic week of discovery. I have seen some amazing intricate blog sites including panda girl , Anita, and Anna and the prose , artwork and thought content was outstanding . I guess I need to step up my game.. lol .

My DMP is updated, I’m learning how to tweet , and write a blog .. this is all mindblowing . I love reading about all of the other peoples journeys and the support has been fabulous . I’m hooked this time and I can’t dwell on last year when I did not put the proper time to devote helping myself on my journey.

Look out world .. here I come .. and I’m taking all of you with my on this crazy and wild journey! I feel the positive energy flowing through my body !

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My MKE experience Wk#2

Wow .. what a difference a week makes . I can sit for longer periods of time and I am truly attempting to take the time to help me achieve my goals . I am spending the time to gain confidence and help me in my journey of success . It is a bit of a struggle getting things done but I know that’s my subby resisting me . I enjoy the time that I read the master key and the scrolls . I’m working on defining and improving my DMP and putting more emphasis and excitement in my words . This will come . I love all of the support from staff and other members . It feels like a family. The masterminds are also great . I am anxious to see the progress every day and every week . I will be patient because building good habits takes time as well as taking away of the old habits . I’m enjoying the adventure .

week #1 MKE

Hi ,

My name is Philip Mach and this is a new adventure for me . I am ready to change my life for the better by forming great habits and training my subconscious .

It was a little overwhelming to have so many requirements initially ; there is so much to learn and I need to schedule the time to work on myself ! My background is in medicine , but I’m presently working in a family business . My goal is to eventually become more financially independent and and work in the real estate industry or-counsel individuals utilizing nutraceutical products . My passions lie in helping others help themselves through education and training . I am very enthusiastic to be in this course with so many great mentors and I wish to pay it forward .

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